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Roland GAIA 2 37-Key Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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GAIA 2 37-Key Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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GAIA 2 37-Key Virtual Analog Synthesizer
GAIA 2 37-Key Virtual Analog Synthesizer
GAIA 2 37-Key Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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YouTube Video Roland GAIA 2 Synthesizer Overview
YouTube Video Roland GAIA 2 Synthesizer Performance
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The Shape of Sound

Advanced synthesizer with wavetable and virtual analog engines, intuitive sound design workflow, expressive hands-on controls, Model Expansion support, and more.

GAIA 2 opens the door to an infinite universe of inspired sound creation. Armed with a powerful hybrid engine that combines wavetable and virtual analog synthesis, you can quickly learn the basics before rocketing into uncharted sonic territory. The friendly panel layout logically outlines the synthesis workflow for speedy sound design, while full-size keys provide exceptional playability when you're ready to perform. And with the sequencer and Motional Pad, it's easy to generate complex sounds and phrases full of dynamic movement and alter them on the fly. Discover the shape of sound with GAIA 2 and bring all your musical visions to life.


• Powerful Roland synthesizer with advanced sonic capabilities
• Intuitive panel layout and hands-on workflow make it easy to learn synthesis and sound design
• Newly developed hybrid sound engine with one wavetable oscillator and two virtual analog oscillators
• Attractive aluminum panel filled with high-quality knobs and sliders
• Freely assignable modulation routings for fast sound creation
• Motional Pad for adding real-time movement and expression to sounds
• Sequencer with real-time and step-recording options
• MFX section with 53 unique effect types
• Dedicated Chorus and Delay/Reverb sections with multiple types, including JUNO Chorus effects, Shimmer Reverb, Modulation Reverb, and more
• Informative high-contrast OLED display
• USB Type-A port for connecting a USB flash drive or external USB MIDI controller
• Class-compliant USB-C port for communicating with music software on computers and mobile devices
• USB-C port also supports AIRA Link for communication with Roland AIRA devices
• Support for Model Expansions and other content on Roland Cloud (SH-101 Model Expansion pre-installed)
• Wirelessly audition and download Model Expansions and Sound Packs with Roland Cloud Connect and the WC-1 Wireless Adapter (optional)

OSCILLATOR 1 - Wavetable
Complementing the basic shapes we all know and love, the wavetable oscillator section in GAIA 2 offers multiple waveforms, and you can jump or morph between them for everything from dramatic shifts to slowly evolving textures. Adding the wavetable oscillator introduces contrasting textures into the mix, leading to unforeseen and exciting results.

OSCILLATOR 2 & 3 - Virtual Analog
GAIA 2 gives you the tools to recreate the most famous analog synths of all time - or craft all-new voices never heard before. Twin virtual analog oscillators provide the building blocks of synthesis, enabling you to conjure past classics with complete authenticity. Or head in the opposite direction and sculpt the tones of the future. Just think about the sound you want and start tweaking to make it come alive.

HANDS-ON CONTROL - Touch the Sound
GAIA 2's logical workflow makes sound creation fast, easy, and fun. The one-control-per-function panel layout enables instant programming without having to resort to creativity-killing menu diving. And with the streamlined knobs and white anodized aluminum panel, even the look is inspiring. Wait until you see how it glows under stage lighting!

DISPLAY - See the Sound
Positioned front and center, the informative display shows the output audio waveform as well as the path of the Motional Pad's recorded movement. With just a glance, you'll instantly grasp what's happening within the most complex of sounds.

GAIA 2 supports Roland Model Expansions, which faithfully recreate iconic synthesizers from their long history. Instantly swap between the built-in sound engine and classics like the SH-101,*JUPITER-8, or JUNO-106 with a dedicated button. Each Model Expansion is fully compatible with the GAIA 2 workflow, letting you re-imagine vintage sounds with the panel controls and develop new music using the sequencer.
*The SH-101 Model Expansion comes installed from the factory. Additional Model Expansion titles are available for purchase on Roland Cloud.

MODULATION - Shape It Till You Make It
Modern sound design requires flexible and plentiful modulation. With GAIA 2, you can quickly and intuitively build complex modulation routings. Assign up to four parameters to each of the two LFOs, which come equipped with classic and modern wave shapes, including step modulation. Such effortless parameter assignments let you turn ideas into sounds almost instantaneously.

SEQUENCER - Inspiration Sequence
With the free-flowing sequencer in GAIA 2, you can easily capture your inspiration and realize your wildest visions. Record in real time, enter steps, and edit on the flyall without stopping playback. Or tap into the Random Pattern feature to ignite your creative engine with spontaneous musical energy.
Along with note information, the sequencer records your panel movements, including tweaks to the pitch and modulation wheels, knobs, and sliders. External synchronization is also supported via MIDI or USB, enabling you to smoothly change sounds and patterns while staying in sync with a drum machine, DAW, or another device.

GAIA 2 comes loaded with classic Roland effects to take your sonic creations to the next level. Color, enhance, and mangle tones with a vast selection of MFX types, from filters, phasers, and distortions to scatter, lo-fi, and more. Add width and dimension with the dedicated Chorus section. Then bring on ambient depth with the diverse Reverb/Delay section, which features a newly developed Shimmer Reverb that infuses any sound with spaciousness and rich harmonic content. Along with adding a finishing touch, you can assign effect parameters to an LFO or the Motional Pad for real-time interest and movement.

MOTIONAL PAD - Sound Design in Motion
GAIA 2's powerful Motional Pad is a dynamic and expressive tool that brings static sounds to life. You can assign nearly any synth or effect parameter to each of the X/Y points, then morph between them by moving a finger on the pad. Its also possible to record your movements to create complex, modulated transformations that play on their own. Many presets have Motional Pad settings baked in, ready to explore or customize for your own needs.

FULL-SIZE KEYS - The Keys are the Key
Equipped with 37 full-size keys, GAIA 2 delivers a rich and rewarding playing experience. Offering deep travel, balanced weight, and a graceful feel, this premium keyboard includes all the construction hallmarks that Roland is famous for.

GAIA 2 supports AIRA LINK for sending audio/MIDI information to a compatible Roland AIRA device such as the MX-1 Mix Performer. You can also connect a USB flash drive to backup and restore data or plug in a standard USB MIDI controller for extended operation.

USB-C INTERFACE - Integrate with Computers and Mobile Devices
Connect to your computer, smartphone, or tablet via USB-C and use GAIA 2 as an audio/MIDI interface with DAWs and other music apps. The class-compliant connection is plug-and-play, with no driver installation needed.

GAIA 2 supports Roland Cloud Connect, an optional wireless system for accessing Roland Cloud content. Simply plug in the compact USB adapter, then audition content and download selections into the keyboard using a dedicated app on your mobile device. A Roland Cloud Connect purchase includes an entire year of Pro membership, giving you unlimited use of thousands of sounds, Model Expansions, and much more.


37 Keys

-Sound Generator
GAIA-2 sound generator
Pre-installed Model Expansion SH-101
Other Model Expansions (optional- via Roland Cloud)

- Maximum Polyphony
22 voices (3 x oscillators per voice)
• The maximum polyphony varies depending on sound settings or the selected Model Expansion.

- Tones
Preset tone: 256
User tone: 512

- Oscillators
OSC 1 (Wavetable): 63 waveforms
Modulation types: Wave position, Phase modulation (P-MOD), Shaping modulation (S-MOD)

OSC 2/3 (Classic waveforms): Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square, Super Saw, and 5 noise waves
Modulation types: Shape, Ring modulation, Oscillator sync, Cross modulation 1, Cross modulation 2

Envelope: Attack, Decay
Envelope destination: Pitch, Oscillator 1 position, Oscillator 2 shape, Oscillator 3 shape, P-MOD X, P-MOD Y, S-MOD Depth, S-MOD Drive

- Filter
Filter type: LPF, BPF, HPF
Filter slope: -12dB/Oct, -18dB/Oct, -24dB/Oct
Envelope: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
Filter Drive

- Amp
Envelope: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

2 LFOs, 5 waveforms and 1 programmable step LFO wave
LFO assignment: Up to 4 parameters from panel knobs and sliders (except for click dials) in each LFO

- Effects
Multi-Effects: 53 types
Reverb/Delay: 7 types
Chorus: 3 types (9 modes in total)
• The sound path order of the above effects can be changed.

Master EQ
Master Compressor

- Other Functions
Chord memory

- Step sequencer
64 steps : Each step can record 8 notes and 4 controls
Recording modes: Real-time/Step/TR-REC
Random pattern generator

- Arpeggiator
Mode: Up, Down, Up&Down, Random, Note Order
Scale: 16 variations

- Motional Pad
Two dimensional edit to P-Mod X/Y or S-Mod Depth/Drive
Two dimensional assignable control to parameters of panel knobs and sliders (except for click dials)
Motion recording and playback function
Menu interface with a drag pointer

- Other Controllers
Pitch Bend wheel
Modulation wheel

- Display
OLED 128 x 64 dots

- Connectors
HEADPHONES jacks: Stereo miniature phone type (front), Stereo 1/4-inch phone type (rear)
OUTPUT jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type
PEDAL jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type (available for a hold pedal or a control pedal)
MIDI connectors (IN, OUT)
USB COMPUTER port: USB Type-C(R) (Class Compliant for Audio and MIDI/ Roland driver for Audio and MIDI)
USB MEMORY/EXT DEVICE port: Type-A (Storage, MIDI)

- Power Supply
AC adaptor (DC IN port)
USB bus power supply (USB Type-C(R) port)
*External power supply from a USB Type-A port isn't available.

-Current Draw
600 mA (AC adaptor)
1,800 mA (USB bus power supply)

- External Memory
USB Flash drive (sold separately)

- Size and Weight
Dimensions (W x D x H): 655 x 336 x 92 mm / 25-13/16 x 13-1/4 x 3-5/8 inches
Weight: 4.4 kg / 9 lbs 12 oz

- Included Accessories
Startup Guide
AC adaptor (PSB-5U)
Power cord


Roland GAIA 2 Synthesizer OverviewWatch Video
Youtube video product demo
Roland GAIA 2 Synthesizer PerformanceWatch Video
Youtube video product demo

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