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This product is no longer available.
The TP-2 pickup builds on the success of our TP-1 clip and packs it into a smaller package!

The TP-2 is half the size of our former model, making it easier to transport in instrument cases. Additionally, the TP-2 has increased sensitivity to facilitate an accurate reading in almost any place on the instrument.

The TP-2 pickup clips onto any instrument and picks up its vibrations. It is totally isolated from any other sound in the room. This allows tuning at any time, even during warmups! The large, cylindrically shaped jaw allows you to clip it on the lead pipe or barrel of a flute or any round tubing on other horns. The jaw also has padded ends so that it clips on the bell of horns or on various parts of a stringed instrument. It has an 8' long, heavy-duty cord so that students can comfortably clip it on and not have to worry about pulling the tuner down to the ground.
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