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Composer: Peter Wolf
Format: Book
Instrumentation: Piano

"I finished this composition at age seventy after more than one year's work. Every minute spent with these pieces has been a pleasure for me. Of these twenty-four character-pieces, one was written previously, the theme of another was used in a stage work forty years ago, and all the others are fresh compositions. One piece has been written in every major and minor key of the twelve chromatic pitches.

Thanks are due to many for the creation of the
Wolf-temperieres Klavier. However in this story, the pianist Jozsef Balog got the main role. Laszlo Kovacs, who has often conducted my compositions, recommended him to premiere my two piano concertos. Through these works we met and an old idea began to stir within me: to write piano pieces.

Combining a whimsical wordplay opportunity given by my name along with (more importantly) my admiration for Bach, I coined the title
Wolf-temperiertes Klavier: the piano tuned according to me. These are my moods, my thoughts, my desires, and my reflections, some of which are my favourites. However, others may identify more strongly with particular movements, and different people will certainly feel different sensations from this music. This is my mirror, but everyone can see themselves in it.

I think I managed to find expressive titles. The first piece,
Epiclesis (a prayer for inspiration, patience, and support), was heard and answered from above: I was able to work continuously and without inhibitions. The works could be born in every key until the last one, the Epilogue, was completed. When I finally finished inscribing the musical motif signifying Bach's name, I admit, a little shiver went through me." - Peter Wolf

Wolf-temperiertes Klavier is recommended for advanced pianists who wish to push the boundaries between musical genres, as well as classical musicians interested in the harmonic language of jazz.
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