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Aston Shield GN Pop Filter

SKU: 685598 Model: AST-SHIELD/GN
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Aston Shield GN Pop Filter

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The Aston Shield GN pop filter has been engineered to give you a perfect fit on any mic stand in seconds and has one of the best quality goose-necks you'll ever more limp or hanging pop shields, no more fiddly thumb screws...

The Aston Shield has a big, sturdy, crocodile clip to mount quickly and easily onto mic stands of any shape or size, and has an exceptionally well-engineered goose-neck support with a matte-black rubberised finish, which stays exactly where you put it. You'll LOVE using this product.

* Ultimate pop reduction
* Solid stainless steel pop shield with Hextech filter holes
* Ultra-fast mounting system
* Mounts to any stand
* Deluxe gooseneck
* Hygienic washable filter
* Large surface area

* Shield surface area: 58 x 135 mm / 6.22 x 5.31 in
* Length gooseneck: 392 mm / 15.4 in
* Weight Shield: 49.8 g
* Weight gooseneck: 218.4 g
* Weight total: 268.2 g

*While supplies last*