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Radial - R800 8011

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Radial - R800 8011
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The Presenter combines a microphone preamp and a USB program input to create the ultimate interface for any presentation, from school lectures to corporate audio. It replaces bulky and complicated mixers that can be difficult to use, offer unnecessary features, and often require special adaptor cables to connect to. Instead, the Presenter provides a simple and streamlined feature set that is as intuitive as it is powerful.

* Mic preamp with phantom power & EQ controls
* USB connection for high quality audio playback from a laptop
* Easily connect a smartphone or tablet with a 3.5mm TRS input
* Balanced outputs to feed a pair of powered speakers or a PA System

The Presenters compact chassis houses a microphone input, a USB connection for playback from a laptop, and XLR outputs to feed your powered speakers. Simply connect your laptop via USB to send high quality audio through the Presenter and provide power to the device, plug in any microphone, and then connect to your speakers. Separate level controls for the microphone and the laptop audio allow you adjust the balance between the two, and a low cut filter and EQ controls help adjust the tone of the microphone to suit the room acoustics and the voice of the person who will be speaking. Additionally, should you need to playback audio from a smartphone, tablet or any other portable device, the Presenter has a 3.5mm stereo input jack that also feeds the program level control. This connection overrides the USB output, making it ideal for accommodating aux cord DJs at a wedding reception or dance.

With the Presenter, not only will you improve the audio for your next event, you'll also reduce setup time and virtually eliminate troubleshooting.