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356 George St
Prince George, British Columbia, V2L 1R3

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Our Teachers:

Brayden Negard - Drums music lessons in Prince George

Brayden Negard (Drums)

Brayden has over 10 years experience. He was taught by his Uncle at a young age, and has since taught himself through the later years. Brayden enjoys many genres such as rock, metal, jazz, and punk. His rate is $21 a half hour lesson.

Cameron Cochlan - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Prince George

Cameron Cochlan (Guitar, Bass)

Performing professionally since the age of 13, Cam is an energetic, passionate musician. Cam teaches rock, jazz, country, reggae, metal, folk, punk and blues, as well as many sub genres and specialties. Cam has studied electric guitar for more than half a decade with Mike Vigano, achieving very strong knowledge of theory, technicality, history and song writing/composition. He likes to combine exercises with contemporary music and focuses on individual student goals. His rate is $21 per half hour lesson.

Courtney Hayurst - Voice music lessons in Prince George

Courtney Hayurst (Voice)

Courtney has been a part of the musical community in Prince George since she was five years old and has more than 14 years of experience studying RCM vocal techniques and repertoire. Courtney has also been a representative of Prince George and surrounding areas at the provincial level in both classical and musical theatre genres, and has been the recipient of numerous scholarships, including the Wilma Romanin Memorial Scholarship in 2017. Courtney actively participates in local productions and operas such as Hansel and Gretel (as Gretel), Anne of Green Gables (as Prissy Andrews), and also sings with the Nove Voce Chorale Society. While having fun is Courtney's forte, she enjoys teaching a wide variety of music genres and vocal styles. Her rate is $21 per half hour lesson.

Garry Turner - Guitar, Bass, Theory music lessons in Prince George

Garry Turner (Guitar, Bass, Theory)

Garry is an experimental guitarist with a background in classical guitar from the Toronto Conservatory of Music. Highly qualified, Garry has a degree in Composition and Arranging from Dick Grove School of Music, is a GIT Graduate, and has a Masters Degree in Music Therapy. Garry is the author of the series "Dissecting the Art of Extreme Metal" which has sold in 27 countries. His rate is $22 per half hour lesson.

Joshua Hanson - Drums, Guitar music lessons in Prince George

Joshua Hanson (Drums, Guitar)

Joshua is an accomplished drummer, guitarist, and songwriter, with several years of professional playing and teaching experience. Self-taught from a young age, he has also received training in theory, composition, and drum notation from the BC Conservatory of Music. Joshua plays and teaches various styles and genres and offers a comfortable and encouraging teaching experience for his students. He is currently recording an album with the alternative rock band “Redwhyn”, and participated in CBC's Searchlight competition. His rate is $21 per half hour lesson.

Karl Andersen - Piano, Violin, Flute, Cello, Theory music lessons in Prince George

Karl Andersen (Piano, Violin, Flute, Cello, Theory)

Karl received his ARCT in Piano Performance in 1991. He studied at the University of Victoria and received his Bachelor of Music and Master Degrees. Karl is a member of the Registered Music Teachers Association for BC. He teaches Piano, Violin, Flute, Cello, and Theory. He has been teaching since 1994. His rate is $21 per half hour lesson.

Martin Bodo - Guitar music lessons in Prince George

Martin Bodo (Guitar)

Martin is a singer-songwriter with over 15 years of guitar playing experience. He has been teaching and performing live since 2008. He has studied Theory and plays many styles including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Punk, Folk, Classical and Contemporary. Martin also earned a perfect score competing in the local Prince George Guitar Wars. His rate is $21 per half hour lesson.

Susie MacRae - Voice music lessons in Prince George

Susie MacRae (Voice)

Susie MacRae has been an active performer and music lover since she was 4 years old. Susie is currently working towards her grade 10 RCM in classical voice. She has represented Prince George as delegate for both classical and musical theatre at music festivals around BC during the Performing Arts Provincial Festival. Susie loves finding the character in pieces and enjoys storytelling through song. Though her great love is performing, Susie has also studied theory and has obtained her basic, intermediate, and advanced rudiments as well as two years of music history. Her rate is $21 per half hour.

Twila Larson - Piano music lessons in Prince George

Twila Larson (Piano)

Twila has her ARCT with the Royal Conservatory and has trained under the late Dr. Dale Reubart. She has over 25 years of teaching experience, training in early childhood education, and has experience in working with children with learning disabilities. She is a multiple award winner at the Kelowna Kiwanis Festival. Her rate is $21 per half hour lesson.

Warren Reaville - Guitar, Banjo, Piano music lessons in Prince George

Warren Reaville (Guitar, Banjo, Piano)

Warren has over 10 years of classical RCM training and has been teaching since 1977. A specialist in Jazz, Warren is also fluent in styles such as Classical, Pop, Rock, Rock n Roll, Blues, Boogie, and Country. He also teaches guitar in Classical, Jazz, and Finger Style, as well as Bluegrass Banjo. His rate is $21 per half hour lesson.