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Our Teachers:

Cary Pratt - Drums music lessons in Surrey

Cary Pratt (Drums)

Cary has 15 years of professional music performance on drums and percussion. Having studied Jazz music at Capilano University, he will be completing his degree in Music Education. Cary has toured internationally and has experience performing and recording in most contemporary styles. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Curt Henderson - Bass, Guitar music lessons in Surrey

Curt Henderson (Bass, Guitar)

Curt Henderson is a guitarist and bassist with 15 years of professional experience as a performer, educator, and composer. Curt holds a diploma in Jazz/Contemporary Guitar from VCC and a degree in Jazz Studies from Capilano University. He is well-versed in a range of styles, including rock, jazz, blues, hip hop, and metal, and is an active member of Vancouver's music scene. Curt's teaching approach involves tailoring lessons to each student and focusing on creating a fun, positive learning environment for student's of all ages! His rate is $24 per half hour.

Dave Ballard - Piano music lessons in Surrey

Dave Ballard (Piano)

Dave is an enthusiastic instructor who has been involved with music for most of his life. He has a B.A. in Music from UBC and a Diploma in Performing Arts – Music from Douglas College. He is a multi-instrumentalist and composer and enjoys teaching both classical and popular music. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Esther Choi - Piano, Voice music lessons in Surrey

Esther Choi (Piano, Voice)

Esther holds a Bachelors in Music (Voice) from UBC, and is familiar with French, Italian, and German languages. She is bilingual in English and Korean and has a strong background in piano. While comfortable with all ages, Esther particularly enjoys teaching children. Her rate is $25 per half hour.

Ian Moncur - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Surrey

Ian Moncur (Guitar, Bass)

Ian is a well respected guitarist in Vancouver and the founding member of the band “One and a Half”. The band has been successfully gigging in the lower mainland for over 20 years. Ian strives to give each of his students the most inspiring and fun learning experience possible. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Jaclyn Bacon - Voice, Piano music lessons in Surrey

Jaclyn Bacon (Voice, Piano)

started playing piano at the young age of 6, and has pursued music throughout her life. She completed up to grade 9 RCM on piano and did a Diploma in Classical Music at Capilano University where she was able to perform in recitals and tour with Capilano University Singers. During her diploma she majored in classical voice performance and minored in piano. She continues to play recreationally and performs occasionally as well. Her rate is $24 per half hour.

Ji Young Kim - Piano music lessons in Surrey

Ji Young Kim (Piano)

Ji Young attended McGill University majoring in classical piano performance; she also took harpsichord lessons under Prof. Hank Knox and was a member of the University Chorus for 2 years. She graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree. She also earned a BA from Simon Fraser University She is currently, playing the sare drum in a military band. She uses various approaches and methods to keep students interested and motivated! Her rate is $24 per half hour.

Jocelyn Bacon - Piano, Voice music lessons in Surrey

Jocelyn Bacon (Piano, Voice)

Jocelyn has been singing and playing piano since she was three years old. She graduated from Capilano University in May 2012 with a Diploma in Classical Music and a Certificate in Conducting, studying classical voice classical piano. Her love of music is infectious and her joyful, gentle style promotes an atmosphere of enthusiastic and creative learning. Her rate is $25 per half hour.

Justin Devries - drums music lessons in Surrey

Justin Devries (drums)

Justin is a drummer and composer who has studied and taught rock, jazz, funk and improvised/experimental drumming for over ten years. Justin was educated in Vancouver Community College's music program, is one of Vancouver's mose active drummers, and has recorded and performed rock, jazz and Indonesian music locally and internationally. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Justin Gorie - Saxophone,  Guitar, Bass music lessons in Surrey

Justin Gorie (Saxophone, Guitar, Bass)

Justin Gorrie is a saxophonist, guitarist, and bassist who is versatile in a variety of musical styles. His training includes post secondary education at VCC School of Music and private lessons with top Canadian musicians. It is Justin's goal to create a fun and positive learning experience that inspires and motivates his students. His rate is $25 per half hour.

Karen White - Piano, Voice music lessons in Surrey

Karen White (Piano, Voice)

Karen started playing piano at age 4 and has been performing as a vocalist in either choirs, musical theatre productions or as a soloist since she was 8. She is currently enrolled in her fourth and final year at Capilano University, where she is working towards a Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Jazz Voice. Karen has been teaching piano and voice for 3 years in a wide variety of styles, with a focus on fostering a safe and creative environment for students to explore their passion for music. Her rate is $24 per half hour.

Kent Wallace - Trumpet, Trombone music lessons in Surrey

Kent Wallace (Trumpet, Trombone)

Kent began teaching trumpet lessons in 1999 and has held countless workshops in high schools and colleges all over the lower mainland (commonly at Douglas College jazz intensive and the UBC jazz camps). He also studied jazz performance at Capilano University from 1998-2003. Kent has played trumpet in Jill Townsend BigBand, Powder Blues, Sekoya, and Five Alarm Funk. Kent has also backed up artists such as Arturo Sandoval, Colin James, Johnny Mathis, Frankie Valli, Michael Buble, and The Temptations. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Lance Chalmers - Guitar music lessons in Surrey

Lance Chalmers (Guitar)

Lance has been a professional musician for over thirty years. He has years of private lessons, and growing up playing his surrounding music scenes under his belt. Lance has played for Trooper and Nick Gilder, as well as session work for a number of other artists whom seek professional guitar and percussion work to add to their project. Lance is looking forward to continue sharing his experience and technical expertise to his students with a fun and energetic approach. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Lee Nichols - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Surrey

Lee Nichols (Guitar, Bass)

Lee is an experienced and well rounded teacher fluent in a wide variety of styles of music. Since receiving his training at the royal conservatory, Lee has taught for over ten years, beginning at Music Centre Canada In Calgary, through to Long and Mcquade Surrey where on top of teaching individual students, he taught a number of group "rock band" classes. Also an accomplished performer, Lee has played with artists varying from country artist Patrick Masse, to Blues band The British Columbians, to pop artists Stef Lang, Shawn Hook, Tyler Shaw and numerous others. He also plays ukulele, lap steel, bass, and mandolin. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Max Ley - Drums music lessons in Surrey

Max Ley (Drums)

Max eats, sleeps, and breathes drums. From the first day he heard Phil Collins, Max has been obsessed with music and with the art of the drum set. He has been drumming for 17 years, and drumming at a professional level for the last 7. With both a diploma and a degree in jazz and contemporary performance from Vancouver Community College, Max has been lucky to find himself involved with a variety of artists and genres. He is knowledgeable and proficient within rock, jazz, metal, Latin, afro-cuban, pop, hip-hop, reggae, electronica, and always eager to learn more. Max has toured the country extensively, and has appeared on numerous albums. Venues such as The Horseshoe in Toronto, or Vancouver's Armoury Studios, are no stranger to Max, and along with a depth of knowledge about the drums and rhythm, has plenty of real world experience in what it takes to be a working musician. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Myles Kump - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Surrey

Myles Kump (Guitar, Bass)

Myles has been playing guitar since the age of 8. He is primarily a composer and guitarist with experience in performance and recording. Secondary instruments include bass and drums. Myles has studied at the VCC School of Music. Ear training is a major focus of Myles' instructional approach. His rate is $24 per half hour lesson.

Noelle Christie - Voice, Piano music lessons in Surrey

Noelle Christie (Voice, Piano)

Noelle started training in classical music and folk music at the age of 10, competing in festivals and performing in showcases and choral performances. Making her way through the genres of jazz, musical theatre, and opera eventually led Noelle to enroll at the Canadian College of performing arts for professional training. Now you can find Noelle performing contemporary music professionally with her band 10 Miles West regularly at bars and events around the lower mainland. As a working performer, Noelle understands taking care of your voice and has made that a huge part of her teaching. This includes proper breath technique, the importance of warm ups and cools downs as well as using your whole body to support your voice.
She also believes that performance is a huge part of singing, so not only do her students receive instruction in technique, pitch and tone, but delivery, enunciation, and posture. Her rate is $24 per half hour.

Richard Gurney - Violin music lessons in Surrey

Richard Gurney (Violin)

Richard is an enthusiastic violin and viola teacher with a strong performance background. He started his training as a violist in the performance program at the UVIC School of Music with Jaraslav Karlovsky, a former member of the Prague Quartet and Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. He continued his training as a performer and teacher at the Victoria Conservatory of Music where he received his AVCM under the tutelage of Sydney Humphreys. Richard is now happy devoting his energy to teaching his students at Long & McQuade. His rate is $25 per half hour.

Rikki Postma - Piano, Theory music lessons in Surrey

Rikki Postma (Piano, Theory)

Rita is a classroom and music teacher from South Africa. She has years of certified experience and specializes in teaching young children piano and theory with a duet learning approach. Rietjie is also fluent in English and Afrikaans. Her rate is $24 per half hour.

Rita Hsiung - Piano music lessons in Surrey

Rita Hsiung (Piano)

Rita has a Bachelor's in Music through the University of Victoria. She has studied alongside pianist Bruch Vogt and also has her teacher's certificate from the Victoria Conservatory of Music and a certificate in Early Childhood Education. Rita works well with all ages but particularly enjoys working with younger students. Her rate is $24 per half hour.

Robi Varga - Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet music lessons in Surrey

Robi Varga (Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet)

Robi is currently an active musician in Greater Vancouver. He has played saxophone and flute in different settings as well as sung across Canada with many choirs. He holds a Bachelors Degree of Music from Kings University in Alberta and has over 15 years teaching experience throughout Edmonton, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. He is patient in guiding students though their own unique learning process. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Roger Wecker - Cello, Violin, Viola music lessons in Surrey

Roger Wecker (Cello, Violin, Viola)

Roger Wecker has a music degree from Pepperdine University and was an itinerant band and strings teacher in North Vancouver until his retirement. He has conducted several choral and orchestral community groups including the White Rock Community Orchestra and the Greater Vancouver Operatic Society. Roger plays the viola and currently teaches violin, viola and cello. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Sarah Quinn - Piano, Voice music lessons in Surrey

Sarah Quinn (Piano, Voice)

Sarah is an accomplished singer, teacher and performer who has studied and performed classical, jazz, musical theatre and contemporary music as a soloist, in choirs and in musical theatre productions for more than 12 years. She has been teaching voice and piano for three years to students ranging in age from preschool to young adults and has successfully prepared students for adjudicated exams, music festivals and performances. Sarah fell in love with music as a four-year-old taking piano lessons and since then has earned Royal Conservatory Grade 10 in Classical Voice and in Speech Arts & Drama, an Associate Degree in Speech Arts and Drama from Trinity College of London, England; and numerous scholarships and awards. She is currently in her 3rd year of university working towards a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance. Her rate is $24 per half hour.

Scott Miller - Drums music lessons in Surrey

Scott Miller (Drums)

Scott has just under 20 years of drumming experience. He has toured nationally and internationally, and performed/recorded with several established Vancouver artists. Although, he has keen interest in the heavier side of music (rock, metal, hardcore), Scott has a versatile style, and enjoys many genres as he's previously spent time playing in stage, jazz and concert bands. He welcomes all ages, styles and levels, and is able to create a lesson plan to fit each student. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Sydney Headley - Voice, Piano music lessons in Surrey

Sydney Headley (Voice, Piano)

Sydney has been singing and playing music since she was a young child, and has been studying music for over 15 years. She graduated from MacEwan University with a diploma in Jazz and Contemporary Music, focusing primarily on voice and piano, and has been working as a professional musician ever since. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and levels, and loves teaching many genres of music including, pop, R&B, jazz, rock, and musical theatre. Sydney’s teaching style encourages a love and passion for music, and well as a safe and creative learning environment for everyone. Her rate is $24 per half hour.

Tracie Gerbrandt - Piano, Clarinet music lessons in Surrey

Tracie Gerbrandt (Piano, Clarinet)

Tracie earned her Bachelor of Music (Clarinet) degree at UBC. She has studied piano since childhood and is currently pursuing her ARCT in piano performance through the RCM. She has been teaching music since 2001, coaching many students to achieve success in practical exams and to build confidence through recital performances. Tracie enjoys teaching students of all ages and takes great care to tailor each lesson to the specific needs of each student. In addition, she has considerable experience in sacred music. She has been a member in various university and community choral and wind ensembles, including the UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and is currently a member of the Fraser Valley Wind Ensemble. Her rate is $24 per half hour.

Trent Otter - Drums music lessons in Surrey

Trent Otter (Drums)

Trent has been playing the drum set since the age of 12. He has recorded professionally at Mushroom Studio and The Beat Lab with producer Tom Macdonald (bassist of Hedley) and Dean Maher (sound engineer, instructor at Nimbus) and received a district scholarship for his excellence in drum set playing. He spent two years studying jazz at Capilano University, receiving high grades in private musical instruction and small ensemble courses. During this time he also performed with a band who was awarded top 3 in Fox Seeds and played CMW and Indie Fest in Toronto. He is well versed in all sorts of styles of drumming such as rock, pop, country, punk, metal, latin, jazz, funk and has performed them all live. Trent hopes to pass on knowledge of his experiences to all ages and skill levels. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Yamil Chain-Haddad - Guitar music lessons in Surrey

Yamil Chain-Haddad (Guitar)

Yamil has been playing guitar for over 10 years. He was first introduced to it by his parents and has since devoted his life to music. May it be listening, performing or teaching, Yamil has spent countless years exploring, learning and studying music. He is now entering his 5th year at Capilano University as a Jazz Guitar major. With 10 years of private instruction and 5 years of performance experience, he is excited to share his knowledge of guitar and hopes to inspire a new love for the instrument. His rate is $24 per half hour.