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124 Main Street
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2X 1R9
Lesson Centre: Phone or Text (902) 496-6966
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Fax: (902) 496-7404

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Monday: 9:30am - 9:00pm
Tuesday: 12:30pm - 9:00pm
Wednesday: 9:30am - 9:00pm
Thursday: 9:30am - 9:00pm
Fridays: 11:30am - 8:00pm
Saturdays: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

This Location Offers:

Private Lessons

Welcome to Dartmouth's largest music lesson centre located at 124 Main street, Dartmouth. We offer 15 spacious studios in house and our very own recital room. Our studios are equipped with state of the art keyboards and acoustic upright pianos as well as a Yamaha Concert Grand. We offer lessons in violin, viola, cello, all woodwind and brass, all styles piano, guitar (electric and acoustic), banjo, ukulele, bodhran, percussion and drumset. We also offer many classes such as; recording and electronic music production, string ensembles, musical theatre and even step dancing! Call us at 902-496-6966 and we can get you set up!

Group Lessons

Little big orchestra

Junior string ensemble

Ceilidh group

Step dance

Chamber ensembles

Vocal ensembles

Drum circle

Our Guitar Teachers:

Brad Conrad - Guitar music lessons in Dartmouth

Brad Conrad (Guitar)

Brad has a music degree from Dalhousie University and has been playing in local and national bands for the last 17 years. He has appeared on stage with a number of acts such as Nathan Wiley, Blue Rodeo, Sam Roberts, Dutch Mason, Matt Mays, and Jill Barber, received a Juno during his tenure with “Johnny Favourite” and currently he plays regularly with “The Mellotones”, “The Metric System”, “Joe Murphy”, “The Hopping Penguins”, and hosts a long standing weekly blues jam at Bearly’s. He’s been teaching for the last 16 years and is a regular coach at Summer Rock. His rate for a half-hour private lesson is $23.

Brad Mcgoey - Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Bass, Piano music lessons in Dartmouth

Brad Mcgoey (Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Bass, Piano)

Brad McGoey Teaches guitar and ukulele, beginner bass, drums and piano.
Brad graduated with honours from the Independent Music Program at Seneca College in 2008, and has been steadily building his musical career ever since, specializing in live performance, audio production, and education. He is a former faculty member at the Regent Park School of Music, leading guitar ensembles, a community band, and running summer music camps. He also led ukulele groups for seniors in Richmond Hill for 3 years, and has experience teaching children and adults with various exceptionalities. Brad is a fun and engaging teacher, and loves helping people of all ages develop a life-long joy of understanding and creating music. His rate for a half hour lesson is $24.

David McLean - Guitar, Drums, Songwriting and Theory music lessons in Dartmouth

David McLean (Guitar, Drums, Songwriting and Theory)

David Mclean (Guitar, Drums, Songwriting & Theory) graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2015 and has been recording and performing all over North America. Learning from some of the top musicians in their fields, David has had the opportunity to work with various world-class artists while studying at Berklee such as Slash, Mark Tremonti and Jeff Williams. David has also worked as a session musician on television shows such as Beyblades Burst! as well as video games such as Renaine. David is currently playing around the Maritimes with Joe Muprhy, Emily Stuart and many other local artists. His rate for a half-hour private lesson is $24.

Gerald Beaton - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in Dartmouth

Gerald Beaton (Guitar, Ukulele)

Gerald spent seven years studying jazz and classical guitar in university. He played on the “Whose New” shows on CBC, and did live radio in Vancouver. He’s played in everything from classical and jazz guitar duets, to banjo in symphonies, mandolin in the U.S, rhythm for 16+ singers, and played in all types of Broadway shows and pit orchestras. His rate for a half-hour private lesson is $23.00.

Mark Calvi - Guitar, Bass and Theory music lessons in Dartmouth

Mark Calvi (Guitar, Bass and Theory)

Mark has a Bachelor of Music from Dalhousie University in Classical Guitar Performance (1998), where he studied with Carol van Feggelen, Sylvie Proulx and Douglas Reach. He also completed the Delta Guitar Program with honours at the Canadian Conservatory of Music (1992), studying Rock, Blues and popular styles.
Mark has worked as a TA for the Dalhousie Music Department in Musicology assisting with class materials and giving brief presentations and demos. He has participated in a masterclass given by the world renowned flamenco guitarist, Juan Martin.
Mark has played various venues and in local groups over the years. He has been teaching Rock, Blues, Classical, and other popular styles at the Music Lesson Centre since 1998.
Mark has also coached at Summer Rock and ran the Weekend Warriors program.
His rate for a half hour private lesson is $23.00.

Matthew Gallant - Drums, Guitar, Hand Drums music lessons in Dartmouth

Matthew Gallant (Drums, Guitar, Hand Drums)

What do you want to play? Rock n roll, blues, country, soul, jazz, hip hop, latin, Metal, world, folk, pop? Just ask Matt, he's played it all!! With a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Performance from Dalhousie University under his belt, Matt Gallant has been involved in the music industry for 25 years. He has worked with professional artists including Amelia Curran, Erin Costelo, Ben Caplan, Dave Sampson, Adam Baldwin, Roxy and the Underground Soul Sound, Willie Stratton and has toured internationally with The Brood.
Whether engaging in community and professional theatre projects, workshops or working with bands, Matthew brings a vast musical experience, eagerness and passion. Matthew is not shy to crowds - he has facilitated many workshops to large groups and has played over 3,000 shows.
Matthew plays with people across cultures, most notably the Open Borders International MusicGroup that assembles 20+ musicians from different cultures to create extremely unique and vibrant shows. If you want to learn drums Matt would be a great teacher to introduce you to the vast world of music! Matthew is $24 per half hour lesson.

Mike Farrington - Bass, Beginner guitar music lessons in Dartmouth

Mike Farrington (Bass, Beginner guitar)

Mike studied at the Canadian Conservatory of Music and passed the highest level exams. He has played with Matt Mays, Charlie A’Court, Nathan Wylie, Jill Barber, David Miles, and Dutch Mason. Currently he plays with The Mellotones and Juno award winner, Garrett Mason. Mike has been teaching music since 2002 and his rate for a private half hour lesson is $23.

Nicholas MacLean - Guitar music lessons in Dartmouth

Nicholas MacLean (Guitar)

Nicholas earned a BA in Music (Jazz Studies) from St. Francis Xavier University and has since studied with internationally renowned musicians such as Wayne Krantz, Oz Noy, Howard Alden and Jim Campilongo. He is active in the local music scene, currently playing with Alana Yorke, Gabrielle Papillon and Andrew Watt and the Glory Glory. Nicholas teaches guitar, beginner bass and lap steel guitar, and enjoys teaching many styles from modern and classic rock to jazz, blues, metal and country. His rate for a half-hour private lesson is $24.

Pat Riley - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Dartmouth

Pat Riley (Guitar, Bass)

Pat has a Certificate in arranging and composition from the Berklee College of Music, has gigged with many of the top names in the musical universe, and is mentor to some of the best musicians in Atlantic Canada. He was the main host of the CBC Rock Camp series and currently sings, writes, produces, and is a top session player. He is one of the founders and currently the director of Summer Rock Camp, has been teaching award and scholarship winning students since 1990s and is a Primary Instrument Instructor at the NSCC Music program. His rate for a half-hour private lesson is $26.

Rheo Rochon - Guitar and Bass music lessons in Dartmouth

Rheo Rochon (Guitar and Bass)

Rheo studied music at Humber College in Toronto and has been playing professionally since 2007. He has recorded and toured internationally with artists such as Keith Hallett, Garrett Mason and The Chronos Band. Rheo has been teaching all ages since 2007. His rate for a 30 minute private lesson is $23.

Roger Stone - Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bodhran music lessons in Dartmouth

Roger Stone (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bodhran)

Roger Stone ~ banjo, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, bodhran (Celtic drum), and voice After attending Ryerson School of Music in St. Catherines, Ontario, Roger taught for 19 years at the Halifax Folklore Centre. He then ran the Little Zen Music School, which focused on a relaxed learning environment combined with the influence of his martial arts training. Son of master Cape Breton fiddler Gordon Cote and traditional Scottish/Irish dance teacher Gladys Stone - and with over 30 years on stage in Canada, the U.S., and the Middle East - Roger is no stranger to what it takes to be a recreational player or professional musician. His rate for a 30-minute private lesson is $23.

Yousef Mousavi - Guitar music lessons in Dartmouth

Yousef Mousavi (Guitar)

Yousef Mousavi is a songwriter and composer who graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2017. Originally educated on the piano, Yousef picked up the guitar at the age of eleven and has since been performing the guitar in the Halifax area solo and with multiple bands and groups. In 2010, he was awarded King’s View Academy’s Excellence in Fine Arts Award. While at Berklee, he studied under jazz/rock/blues guitarists Tom Miller, Tomo Fujita, and Jack Pezanelli. He also studied video game composition with Duncan Watts, composer of Bioshock: Infinite and League of Legends. Yousef gives yearly lectures in Toronto on the music of Japanese Animation.Lessons are $23 per half hour.