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Our Teachers:

Anca Uleia - Piano music lessons in Mississauga

Anca Uleia (Piano)

Anca received her Masters in Piano from the Conservatory of Music in Romania, as well as her 2nd pedagogical degree as a piano teacher.

Her rate is $26/30min lesson

Angelo Gambatesa - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in Mississauga

Angelo Gambatesa (Guitar, Ukulele)

Angelo has been playing the guitar for 14 years- the past 7 of which have involved the composing and performing of original music in various bands. His formal musical training spans nearly a decade, within which he was under the tutelage of such names as Mark Anderson, Emile d'Eon, and Sean Michaud; in 2012 he was accepted to Berklee College of Music, where he spent a year furthering his craft. Deft in various ways, Angelo takes a personable and detailed approach to his teaching, placing an ardent emphasis on both the 'how' and the 'why' behind all pertinent guitar-related skills

His rate is $23/30min lesson

Benjamin Barrile - Guitar music lessons in Mississauga

Benjamin Barrile (Guitar)

Ben is a graduate of the Mohawk College Applied Music Program, where he studied primarily Classical, Jazz, and World Music. One of his major areas of expertise lies in Flamenco Guitar, having studied in Spain for an extended period of time. He also enjoys teaching different styles of music including Rock, Blues and Pop to name a few.

His rate is 25$/30min lesson

Carlos Aguilera - Drum Set music lessons in Mississauga

Carlos Aguilera (Drum Set)

Carlos started playing drums in the early nineties and received a diploma in Jazz Performance from Humber College, and a degree in Jazz Performance from Thompson Rivers University. Carlos has experience touring, recording, and playing the local scene in Nashville, TN. He had the opportunity to open for some of Country Music’s biggest names and also did some recording sessions in Nashville’s famous Music Row. Carlos is busy freelancing, recording, and touring all over Canada with a wide variety of groups and artists. He has a great passion for teaching drums, and maintains a busy schedule instructing students of all ages.

His rate is $23/30min lesson

Don Crawford - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Theory music lessons in Mississauga

Don Crawford (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Theory)

Don is a graduate of the Humber College Music Program, and has studied extensively with Peter Harris, Robert Fripp (King Crimson) in West Virginia, U.S., and Howard Roberts, founder of the Guitar Institute of Technology. He has also performed with notable Toronto musicians Rick Gratton, Alex Dean, and Molly Johnson, and is now focused on teaching. A versatile teacher with more than 30 years experience, Don is patient, easy going, and injects fun into his lessons to achieve solid results. He inspires his students from his experiences, building solid instrumental technique,and a greater understanding and appreciation of music. Don specializes in Rock, Jazz, Classical, Country and Folk styles and their influence in popular music.

His rate is $24/30min lesson

Greg Wilkinson - Drum Set music lessons in Mississauga

Greg Wilkinson (Drum Set)

Greg is a certified teacher who received his Bachelor's of Education Degree from York University. Greg is also a graduate of both Humber College and York University Music Programs, and has over 18 years of teaching experience. Greg focuses on reading, technique, and music styles from Rock/Pop/Latin/Jazz/Metal. Students have fun playing along to a variety of music in the lesson to develop listening skills and repertoire. Greg teaches students of all ages and has prepared students for their music auditions to study at University and College. Some of Greg's experience includes performing on Carnival cruse ships, touring Canada, and composing music for film and television. Greg continues to have a busy schedule as an active performing musician/band leader in Toronto.

His rate is $26/30 min lesson

Hyun-Young Ju - Cello music lessons in Mississauga

Hyun-Young Ju (Cello)

Hyun-Young studied cello in the Music Department at Dan-Kook Unversity in Seoul, South Korea and earned ARCT in Royal Conservatory of Music. She studied and worked with many well known Canadian cellists such as Coenraad Bloemendal and Eric Wilson. She has played with a variety of orchestras in both Korea and Canada, currently with the Oakville Symphony Orchestra. With her passion and talent for music performing and teaching, she has developed her cello teaching method of not only technique, but also problem solving in a clinical way, to help improve the sound for many students.

Her rate is 23$/30min lesson.

Jacob Gorzhaltsan - Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute music lessons in Mississauga

Jacob Gorzhaltsan (Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute)

Jacob is a versatile woodwind instrumentalist, and a recent alumnus of Humber College. Having studied music from a very young age, he has had the distinct pleasure of sharing the stage with numerous acclaimed artists within Canada and the United States, while at the same time maintaining a busy teaching schedule. His pedagogy style is honest and personal, accommodating to the individual needs of each student. Jacob makes it a priority to expand his students’ technical and theoretical knowledge, as well as encouraging musical individuality and creativity in a manner that is engaging and enjoyable.

His rate is $23/30min lesson.

Jeff Scarrott - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Mississauga

Jeff Scarrott (Guitar, Bass)

Jeff is an accomplished pro guitar player and composer with over 10 years of playing and teaching experience. With a degree in Jazz Performance and Composition, as well as attending the highly regarded Banff International Jazz/Creative Music Program, Jeff has studied and played with many world class musicians, playing with his own trio while working for Carnival Cruise Lines. Jeff currently lives in Toronto and plays with several different projects including leading his own band as well as some of Toronto's best R&B/Rock bands. Jeff teaches and plays all styles of music from Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Classical,Acoustic, Folk, Country, Alternative, Theory, Improvisation, Song Writing techniques from beginner to advanced.

His rate is $25/30min lesson

Josh Park - Drum Set, Ukulele music lessons in Mississauga

Josh Park (Drum Set, Ukulele)

Josh graduated with honors from Humber College where he majored in Jazz Percussion. He has studied with Don Vickery, Ted Waren, Bob McLaren, & Mark Kelso. Josh has played in Rock, Funk, & Jazz bands and brings those elements into his lessons. Josh also has many years experience playing the Ukulele, and enjoys teaching chord development and rhythmic right hand strumming patterns to new ukulele players.

His rate is $25/30min lesson

Justin See - Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba, Theory music lessons in Mississauga

Justin See (Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba, Theory)

Since graduating from Humber College in 2014, Justin has been very active in the Toronto music scene. He has played styles ranging from Jazz and Classical to Pop, Rock, Soul, R&B, Salsa, Mariachi, and others. He has performed as a regular member of groups varying in size from Brass Quintets to Jazz Orchestras. As a teacher, Justin has taught private brass and woodwind lessons, and is also the conductor of the Etobicoke Jazz Band, a 22 piece swing band comprised of high school and university students.

His rate is 23$/30 min lesson

Kevin Mendes - Drum Set music lessons in Mississauga

Kevin Mendes (Drum Set)

Kevin emphasizes musicality from the very first lesson. Kevin has an artist’s Diploma from Mohawk College and has since studied with some of Canada’s most renowned teachers. He has tons of experience performing many styles of music from Rock, Pop and Hip Hop to Jazz and Latin music. He has played on stages across Canada, in the US and South America. Kevin shares his experiences with all of his students, inspiring them to have fun and believe that anything is possible with a little hard work and practice.

His rate is $25/30min lesson

Lee Wallace - Guitar, Piano music lessons in Mississauga

Lee Wallace (Guitar, Piano)

Lee is part of a legacy of great Canadian Jazz Musicians. He studied the guitar with his father, acclaimed bassist Steve Wallace, an alumnus of the Oscar Peterson trio. He keeps a busy performance schedule, appearing in clubs and festivals throughout North America, including regular gigs in venues acrose Toronto. For the past five years he has also been a dedicated piano and guitar teacher. He is an RCM certified piano teacher, and a member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association. He enjoys nurturing the growing passion and creativity of his students and has helped them to succeed, including achieving first class honors results their piano exams.

His rate is $24/30min lesson

Luke Roberts - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Mississauga

Luke Roberts (Guitar, Bass)

Luke has 23 years of experience playing guitar. In addition to having undergone extensive study in Jazz and Classical traditions, he has played in Pop, Blues, Folk, Classic Rock and Metal bands. Keeping in mind that theory, technique and ear training is important, he is always trying to stay in touch with modern music idioms and teach students of all ages and skill levels songs that they know and like. He has studied under and worked with such names as Ted Quinlan, Toni Zorzi, Al Kay, Hilario Duran, Brigham Phillips, John Macleod, Kirk MacDonald & Dave Restivo.

His rate is $23/30min lesson

Melanie Austria-Silvano - Piano music lessons in Mississauga

Melanie Austria-Silvano (Piano)

Melanie Austria-Silvano has earned the ARCT designation with the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has been teaching piano since 1998. She began her music career when she was hired as the first piano teacher at Mississauga Piano studios, then joined L&M in 2005. Her students have won awards in music festivals, achieved high standings at RCM examinations, and develop strong sight reading talent. Melanie's various talents have given her the oportunity to perform in Japan and Hawaii.

Her rate is $25/30min lesson

Michael Morabito - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Theory music lessons in Mississauga

Michael Morabito (Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Theory)

Michael Morabito has just recently earned his Applied Diploma in Music with honours from Mohawk College and is now earning a Bachelors Degree at Humber College. He has studied extensively with Toronto musicians such as Michael Stuart, Adrean Farrugia, Mark Promane and Darcy Hepner. From his experience gained playing with various bands across Southern Ontario, Michael has become very comfortable teaching woodwind instruments in all styles of music. He also teaches all levels of music theory.

His rate is $23/30min lesson

Mike Simpson - Guitar, Bass, Voice music lessons in Mississauga

Mike Simpson (Guitar, Bass, Voice)

Mike is a guitarist with more than a decade's worth of teaching experience. Since earning a B.Mus. from Humber College in 2008, he has gone on to tour all over North America. He's well-versed in all styles of music, with a background in Rock. In addition to other instruments such as Bass, Drums and Piano, he's an accomplished Vocalist. Recently, he's started a new solo project called "Jack Moves", where he uses live looping and beatboxing to create whole songs, as a one-man band.

His rate is $23/30min lesson

Nicholas Rendeiro - Guitar, Bass, Theory music lessons in Mississauga

Nicholas Rendeiro (Guitar, Bass, Theory)

Nick Rendeiro is a multi-talented composer and performing artist in the GTA. After graduating from Mohawk College in 2017, Nick is continuing his studies in Honours Music at McMaster University. Nick aims to develop a career in music education and performance within the GTA. He is also an established songwriter who has worked on several projects, which include scoring on numerous films and composing lyrics and music for Mohawk College’s 50th anniversary theme song.

His rate is $23/30 min lesson

Paige Bailey - Piano music lessons in Mississauga

Paige Bailey (Piano)

Paige Bailey is a piano, organ and keyboard player originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has achieved her grade 10 in the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as a certificate of jazz performance from the Nova Scotia Community College. Paige is a recent graduate from Humber College with a bachelor of music. With a wide range of musical influences, Paige is an extremely well rounded musician and teacher, with the knowledge to help her students learn classical, jazz, pop, R&B and several other genres. She has been teaching for about 6 years, and is experienced with students of all ages and skill levels. Theory, ear training and composition are also very important to Paige and are elements that are often included in her lessons alongside repertoire.

Her rate is $23/30min lesson

Paul Ormandy - Drum Set, Percussion music lessons in Mississauga

Paul Ormandy (Drum Set, Percussion)

Paul has taught drums and percussion for over thirty years and welcomes students of all ages and aspirations. He is experienced in a variety of styles from Soul to Country; Latin, Flamenco, and other Global percussion; symphonic; and contemporary art music. Paul has performed in numerous Broadway-style shows including the World and Canadian premieres of Sousatzka, Lord of the Rings, Lion King and The Producers. He has appeared in several television and radio programs and can be heard on over one hundred and fifty commercial audio recordings. Paul is also the Visiting Artist in Percussion at Etobicoke School of the Arts and a PhD candidate at York University.

His rate is $23/30min lesson

Renata Virdi - Violin, Piano music lessons in Mississauga

Renata Virdi (Violin, Piano)

Renata received her Masters in Violin from the Conservatory of Music in Latvia as well as her 2nd pedagogical degree as a piano teacher. She has performed with various orchestras in Europe, Middle East and Canada. She also has over 10 years of teaching experience.

Her rate is $25/30min lesson

Selyne Maia - Piano music lessons in Mississauga

Selyne Maia (Piano)

Selyne is a certified teacher for the Peel District School Board. She has been teaching piano for over 10 years, and enjoys incorporating creative teaching techniques in lessons to encourage the learning process. Selyne is also an active performer in the GTA, and has shared the stage with many artists including Carly Rae Jepsen and Dragonette.

Her rate is $26/30min lesson

Sergio Maraj - Voice music lessons in Mississauga

Sergio Maraj (Voice)

Sergio has been studying voice anatomy and voice science for eight years, using proven methods of voice pedagogy from all over the world. Working alongside renowned instructors, he has a very wide scope on different approaches to help fix specific anatomical vocal habits and issues. Sergio actively performs, writes and arranges music not only for himself, but also for other vocalists. He continues to push the creative boundaries of music using music software, effects and samples.

His rate is $23/30min lesson

Stephanie B. - Voice, Piano music lessons in Mississauga

Stephanie B. (Voice, Piano)

Stephanie has been performing and singing since the age of twelve. She was chosen for lead roles in musicals and has studied with great mentors such as Juno award winner Rik Emmett (Triumph) and Pat LaBarbera. Her hard work earned her a Scholarship for the Vocal Program at Humber College. Since graduating, she has performed at the Muchmusic Video Awards and her first performance of 2014 was for former President George W. Bush at a private event. Stephanie’s strong performances helped her win a Toronto Independent Music Award (TIMA) for Best Live Artist.

Her rate is 24$/30min lesson

Tasha Banate - Voice, Piano music lessons in Mississauga

Tasha Banate (Voice, Piano)

Tasha is an artist, educator and performer with a passion for music as a healing practice. She is a graduate of Humber College’s Bachelor of Music program for voice, and is working towards her ARCT diploma in piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music. As a teacher, Tasha integrates performance skills and technique, theory, ear training, and composition. She encourages students to explore different styles of music and to expand their creativity beyond music lessons. Tasha is happy to instruct students of all ages and skill levels.

Her rate is $23/30min lesson

Tim Wayland - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Mississauga

Tim Wayland (Guitar, Bass)

Tim is a patient teacher who believes music should be fun. He Studied music at Humber College and majored in Bass Guitar and Performance. He has a lot of experience and provides instruction in Rock and Classical styles. He has been a Music Producer for over 10 years working both with independent and major labels.

His rate is 25$/30min lesson

Tristan Armstrong - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Mississauga

Tristan Armstrong (Guitar, Bass)

As a trained musician with a degree in music and a wealth of playing experience, Tristan Armstrong offers a unique perspective to Long & McQuade’s students. Tristan began teaching in 2004. Performance highlights include playing in concert with drummer Steve Gadd (Paul Simon, James Taylor, Steely Dan) and opening tour dates for Big Sugar.

His rate is $24/30min lesson

Veronica Meza - Voice, Piano music lessons in Mississauga

Veronica Meza (Voice, Piano)

A graduate of the renowned Humber College Music program, she earned her bachelor of Music degree with a major in voice. She has studied with many of Canada's finest vocalists and educators. Veronica has worked with Grammy Award-Winning Latin music producer Abraham Quintanilla, father and producer of the late Latin super star Selena.

Her rate is $25/30min lesson

Virginia Najjar - Piano music lessons in Mississauga

Virginia Najjar (Piano)

Virginia is a graduate from McMaster University with Bachelor of Music degree. She was the piano accompanist for the Mississauga Con Brio Cherubs Choir and enjoys performing at several events. She prepares students for the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations along with theory or teaches for personal interest to gain skills. She is delighted to work with students of all ages.

Her rate is $24/30 min lesson

Vivian Ng - Piano, Theory music lessons in Mississauga

Vivian Ng (Piano, Theory)

Vivian has been sharing her love for music through teaching for over 15 years. She is a graduate of York University and holds her Advanced Specialist Teacher Certificate in Piano and Theory with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Her students have consistently placed in the top 3 at music festivals, have achieved Distinction (90% or higher) on their RCM exams, and some students have continued onto study music at university. Whether or not they choose to become a professional, Vivian’s goal is to help her students find their passion, develop their skills through disciplined and dedicated study, and foster their enjoyment of music for years to come.

Her rate is $25/30min lesson

Xiaoling Li - Violin music lessons in Mississauga

Xiaoling Li (Violin)

Xiaoling studied Violin in China at the Xian conservatory of Music, and later became a member of the Shianxi Symphony Orchestra. Xiaoling came to Canada in 1997, and is now the associate concert master for the Niagara Symphony Orchestra, and has performed with many Orchestras throughout Southern Ontario.

Her rate is $24/30min lesson