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Our Teachers:

Allan Walsh - Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone music lessons in Sudbury

Allan Walsh (Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone)

Allan Walsh has been an active member of the music faculty at Laurentian University in Sudbury for the past nineteen years teaching woodwinds, jazz performance, popular music, jazz history and ensembles. Although his specialty is jazz saxophone, he is also an accomplished clarinetist and flutist. While on a Fellowship at Berklee College of Music, Allan held the 2nd tenor saxophone chair with the Hal McIntyre Orchestra. He was also a member of the Canadian contingent at the 13th International Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Allan has served on the Board of the Huntington Conservatory of Music and was acting principal and co-coordinator of the Conservatory's Summer Music Program in 1989. He has also been an adjudicator for the Northern Ontario Music Festival and for the Musicanada Festival. Allan's jazz quartet and trio have recorded for CBC Radio and have been featured on national broadcasts. He has appeared as a guest soloist with the Sudbury Symphony and has played in the pit orchestra for many productions at the Sudbury Theatre Centre. Allan is a featured performer for many concert series in Sudbury including The Laurentian Music Department Concert Series, The Cambrian College Concert Series, Huntington College Church Music Festival and The Sudbury Jazz Society. Allan is a founding member of the Northern Ontario Jazz Quartet, The Walsh/Quebec Duo and The Allan Walsh Trio and Quartet. Allan's rate is $24/30 min lesson.

Allan Yzereef - Guitar music lessons in Sudbury

Allan Yzereef (Guitar)

Allan Yzereef has a diploma in music performance from Cambrian College, a Bachelor or Arts degree from Laurentian University and a Masters in Music from the University of Ottawa. He currently teaches at both Cambrian College and Laurentian University. Allan is well known musician in the Sudbury community, and is often a featured performer in the Cambrian Concert Series, the Living with Lakes Concert Series, The Laurentian University Concert Series, The Bell Park Concert Series and City Hall. In addition to his solo career, Allan is a member of two ensembles; The Sudbury Guitar Trio and Duo Norteño, and he has collaborated with music faculty from both Cambrian College and Laurentian University. Allan's rate is $22/30 min lesson.

Blair McNally - Brass music lessons in Sudbury

Blair McNally (Brass)

Blair has been an active participant in Sudbury's musical community for the past 25 years. As a professional trombonist and a graduate of Laurentian University's music program (4-year Bachelor of Arts, with Honours), Blair has a diverse portfolio which includes playing trombone in several orchestras, musical theatre, brass and wind ensembles, big bands, jazz combos, dixieland bands and pop bands. Blair also has experience in the recording studio and performs in the styles of classical, ska, rock, blues and funk. He has written and arranged several pieces for brass ensemble. Blair has extensive experience in working with students of all ages and has taught Brass performance and pedagogy at Cambrian College and Laurentian University. He is the director of the Nickel City Big Band, associate principle trombone of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra and currently performs with The Northern Brass Choir, The Blues Brothers, Swing Fever and Les Giselles. Blair's rate is $21 per 1/2 hour lesson.

Chad Landry - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in Sudbury

Chad Landry (Guitar, Ukulele)

Chad started playing guitar in 1995 and has been teaching since 2006. Having graduated from the Independent Music Production Program at Cambrian College, he specializes in composition, self expression, and scoring for tv/film and video games. Chad has studied percussive fingerstyle acoustic guitar, jazz, rock, blues, heavy metal, and classical and is experienced working with students that have special needs. His rate per half hour private lesson at Long & McQuade Sudbury is $21/30 min lesson.

Cory Kottick - Percussion, Drums music lessons in Sudbury

Cory Kottick (Percussion, Drums)

Cory Kottick has been teaching since 1997 and has been a fixture in the Sudbury music scene playing with a host of cover bands, recording artists and even dabbling in musical theatre. Cory is a multi-instrumentalist with experience in playing a wide variety of musical styles. Cory can offer insight and approaches to your musical education that cover hand technique, drum history, drum tuning, sight reading and groove building to name a few. Cory's rate is $24 per half hour lesson.

Damien Laframboise - Piano music lessons in Sudbury

Damien Laframboise (Piano)

Damien Laframboise has been teaching piano for over 20 years and specializes in classical piano. He also has experience teaching pop, arrangement, improvisation, history and theory. He has a masters in Piano Performance and Literature from Western University in 2009 and currently completing a PhD in Ethnomusicology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Damien is thrilled to have the opportunity to aid students on their path to self-discovery through self-expression. Damien's rate is $23 per 30 minute lesson.

Duncan Cameron - Violin, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin music lessons in Sudbury

Duncan Cameron (Violin, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin)

Duncan Cameron is a Celtic singer and multi-instrumentalist currently living in Sudbury, Ontario. In his early teens, Duncan started singing with his family. At folk festivals, The Cameron Family performed not only music and storytelling, but also traditional mummers' plays. He chose the fiddle as his first instrument, but now also plays mandolin, guitar, Irish bouzouki, tin whistle, harmonica, bodhrán, banjo and English concertina.Traditional Irish, English and French-Canadian groups have contributed much of Duncan's repertoire, but classical, country, and other popular styles of music have also added to his creative approach. Duncan has been teaching violin and a variety of other instruments to students of all ages for the past 25 years.He has also toured, recorded with, and composed music for many groups including The Pierre Schryer Band, Fig For A Kiss and The Irish Descendants.Duncan's rate is $20/30 min. lesson.

Jason Daoust - Guitar music lessons in Sudbury

Jason Daoust (Guitar)

Jason has a diploma in music performance from Cambrian College and completed his Bachelor of Music from University of Ottawa. He has played in various bands and ensembles around Sudbury in a variety of different styles such as Classical, Rock, Metal, Disco, Theater, Pop and so on. Jason has been teaching since 2008 and has an abundance of experience working with students as young as 5 years old. Whether you want to learn to strum chords or a formal approach to the instrument, he can help you achieve your goals. Jason's rate is $22/30 min lesson.

Nic Dugas - Piano, Voice music lessons in Sudbury

Nic Dugas (Piano, Voice)

Nic Dugas holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music from Algoma University and comes with extensive experience in the music industry. She has prepared over 50 students for high-school or post-secondary music program auditions and over 90 students to pass their RCM practical and theory examinations. Whether a student wishes to prepare for formal auditions or exams, wants to learn to play in a group, or is looking to learn to make covers and enjoy the creative aspects of music, she is excited to help each student learn the skills that will bring them the most fulfillment out of their musical studies. Nic’s rate is per half hour private lesson is $23/30 min lesson.

Philip May - Drums, Percussion music lessons in Sudbury

Philip May (Drums, Percussion)

Philip has always been fascinated by all things percussive. He played his first professional gig at 14 years old. By age 16 he was a regular performer in the local music scene. At 18, he was the leader of a jazz trio featuring Reg Schwager, invited to be the first group to record and broadcast from the then newly opened CBC and Radio Canada station in Sudbury. Philip has performed with such artists as Holly Cole, Jeff Healey, Andy Milne and Bob Wiseman of Blue Rodeo and many more. He has been featured on many albums and television programs and released two albums with the contemporary jazz quintet, Broche A Foin. Their sophomore album, People We Have Known, won the 2011 Best Album of the Year by a Group Award by Music and Film in Motion. Always striving to become a better musician, Philip studied the drum set privately with such teachers as Jim Blackley, Peter Magadini, and Barry Elmes. He studied music at both Berklee College of Music and York University, where he was a member of the Oscar Peterson workshop. Philip moved back to his hometown of Sudbury after completing his Bachelor of Education at Queen's University. His rate is $25/30 min lesson

Robert Godin - Piano music lessons in Sudbury

Robert Godin (Piano)

Robert has been performing and teaching piano since 2009. He has a diploma in Music Performance from Cambrian College, and a Bachelor of Music, with a major in composition from Memorial University. He has a strong background in musical theory and classical compositions/performance, but plays and teaches many styles. Video game and film music have been a great interest for him and his students. There's also a strong emphasis on performance psychology, which often improves everyday work, performance, and focus. His rate is $20/30 min lesson.