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We are pleased to be offering summer programs in July and August for a variety of instruments, ages and skill levels! 

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Emma Bull - coordinator of the music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

Emma Bull

Lesson Coordinator
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Our Teachers:

Adèle Wilding - Composition, Piano, Theory, Voice music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

adèle wilding (Composition, Piano, Theory, Voice)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Style: classical, jazz

Teaching Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

A classically trained musician, Adèle M. Wilding has led a busy career as a professional vocalist, composer/songwriter, arranger and music educator for over two decades. She was the inaugural winner of the 2005 BWA Nina Simone Award in London, England, and she has performed in fine venues and major festivals in UK and the Western Canada, collaborating with the latter region's finest jazz, blues, gospel and soul artists. Recent performance highlights include the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival (2022), Black History Month Jazz Vespers at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church (2023), and the Sunday Jazz Series at the Fort Garry Hotel Club Room, presented by Jazz Winnipeg (2023).

Adèle is a passionate teacher who enjoys sharing her skills with aspiring musicians. She has taught in a variety of contexts and considers one-on-one instruction as her favourite teaching environment. She follows the RCM and ABRSM syllabi for Voice and coaches experienced singers independently. Highlights of Adèle's teaching career include contributing to the national UK publication "A Common Approach 2002", Adjudicator for the Saskatchewan Music Festival (2015) and launching the 'Melody & Harmony Vocal Masterclass Weekend' with esteemed Canadian jazz/blues/soul artists Darlene Cooper, Cecile Larochelle, and Bill Sample in North Burnaby (2020). As of September 2023, she has been Guest Director with the World Village Gospel Choir, founded and directed by Rachel Landrecht and Neil Weisensel.

Adèle's qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts With Distinction (Carleton), Master of Arts in Music Education (University of London Institute of Education), and Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music Studies: Performance, Composition and Arranging (Goldsmiths University). Her rate is $28/half hour. Lessons are available in English, French and German.

Ben Sinclair - Drums music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

ben sinclair (Drums)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Ben started playing drums in 2000 and decided pretty early it was what he wanted to do for a career. He studied Jazz Performance at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. He began teaching in 2009 and took to it immediately, finding it incredibly rewarding to help students achieve their musical goals and to watch their progress on their instrument. In addition to teaching, he has played shows across Canada and the USA, along with a few cruise contracts that were based in the Caribbean. Ben also enjoys learning/playing other instruments such as guitar, bass, piano and recently has been working to become fluent in music production. His lesson structure is based upon learning various styles of music, developing a strong sense of groove/feel, developing solid time keeping, technique and not only how to become a great drummer, but how to become a great musician. Ben teaches Drums at our Winnipeg Henderson location.
His rate is $27 per half hour.

Carolina Nagy - Violin, Fiddle, Piano, Theory, Ukulele music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

carolina nagy (Violin, Fiddle, Piano, Theory, Ukulele)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Style: classical

Teaching Day(s): Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Carolina has been an active performing artist for twenty years. Having attained her Bachelor of Violin Performance from the University of Manitoba, Carolina continued her Graduate Studies in solo violin performance. Ms. Nagy earned a certificate in Orchestral Studies from the graduate studies program at the University of Ottawa. Carolina continued as an associate member of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra until 2014.

Carolina had the privilege of touring with the Chai Folk Ensemble as well as the Rusalka Dance Troupe in 2019. Performing traditional Ukrainian and Israeli music, the ensemble performed in Bucharest Ukraine as well as the Karmiel Dance Festival in Israel. The following summer Carolina performed at Folklorama with Chai, and the following winter (2020) collaborated again with the Chai Folk Ensemble to create the album A Great Light.

Most Recently, Carolina has developed Orff-based music programs for preschool children and families. Recognizing the need for music education opportunities in the Interlake, Carolina has reached out to more isolated communities such as the Rosser Woodlands Recreational Center and the Riverton and District Friendship Centre. Programs focus on celebrating cultures and music through play and family growth.

Her rate is $28.50/half hour. Lessons are available in English and French.

David Miranda - Guitar music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

david miranda (Guitar)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Style: jazz

Teaching Day(s): Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

David, a jazz guitarist with five years of dedicated study under his belt, is a dynamic musician with a rich tapestry of musical influences. His versatility extends beyond jazz, as he effortlessly navigates the realms of rock, salsa, and various Colombian styles. Beyond his remarkable playing, David possesses a unique talent for teaching, guiding aspiring musicians with proficiency and passion.

Offstage, David's love for music knows no bounds; he relishes listening to new sounds and proposals, continuously expanding his sonic horizons. When not immersed in music, he finds joy on the soccer field, showcasing his agility and team spirit. David's multifaceted talents and zest for life make him a standout figure in both the music and sports communities.

His rate is $27/half hour. Lessons are available in English and Spanish.

Detlef Hindemith - Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Brass music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

detlef hindemith (Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Brass)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Day(s): Monday

Detlef performs as a freelance Trumpet soloist with extensive experience performing baroque and sacred music, including playing with local orchestras bands. He enjoys teaching different styles of music from pop hits, to jazz and classical. His commitment is to help students improve their playing abilities for Band, achieve individual goals, or just play for enjoyment. Music lessons should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, uniquely tailored to each student.
Detlef has been performing and studying music for over 25 years. Recognized with a Diploma of Distinction in Performance, he was educated in Trumpet and theory studies from the curriculum of The Royal Conservatory of Music. Detlef is also a trombonist who enjoys teaching the intricacies of playing the Trombone.
As well as being an experienced piano instructor, Detlef teaches beginner to advanced Trumpet, beginner to intermediate Trombone, as well as beginner Tuba. With his experience and knowledge in diverse music styles, he welcomes students of all ages and playing skills. Detlef teaches brass lessons at both our Winnipeg Henderson location, and our Pembina Highway location.
His rate is $28 per half hour.

Haewook Kim - Piano, Violin, Theory music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

haewook kim (Piano, Violin, Theory)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Style: classical, jazz

Teaching Day(s): Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Haewook has been playing piano since 1995 and teaching piano since 2007. She received her Post Baccalaureate Performance Diploma in Jazz Piano Performance from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelors degree in Piano Performance in Classical Piano from Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
She has also studied Music Education at East China Normal University.
She has been teaching for many years in Winnipeg and Shanghai, and has performed in numerous concerts and festivals over the years. She is a pianist at Holy Trinity Anglican Church and has also served as a church organist and pianist for a united church in Winnipeg for over 5 years. She also has considerable experience playing for church worships, many kinds of choirs, wedding ceremonies, and various other events. She is fluent in English, Korean, and Mandarin. Haewook welcomes all levels of students and teaches piano, violin, and theory at our Winnipeg Henderson location. Her rate is $27 per half hour.

Jacob Herd - Clarinet, Piano, Saxophone, Bass Guitar music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

jacob herd (Clarinet, Piano, Saxophone, Bass Guitar)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Style: jazz

Teaching Day(s): Tuesday, Saturday

Jacob Herd is a versatile multi-instrumentalist performer, composer, and teacher and an in-demand part of Winnipeg’s music scene! After graduating from Brandon University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Music, Jacob moved back to Winnipeg and began performing as side musician with an array of Winnipeg artists and bands.

Jacob’s passion and love of music informs his approach to teaching, and his eclectic experience makes him a versatile teacher. Specializing in beginner and intermediate students, Jacob aims to inspire a fundamental love for music and curiosity about how it works, basing lessons around the goals interests and of the student.

Jacob offers lessons in English, and his rate is $27/half hour.

John Larsson - Guitar, , Fiddle, Harmonica music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

john larsson (Guitar, , Fiddle, Harmonica)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Style: rock

Teaching Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

John Larsson is a singer and multi- instrumentalist who's performed in several acts across United States and Canada. He has completed programs in Music Theory at the University of Manitoba, and Luthiery (string instrument design/repair) in Phoenix, AZ. John is also well versed in the areas of MIDI, lighting and sound, and various music software. Though he continues to be blessed with a great musical career, now spanning 3 decades, discovering teaching in the early 2000's has to be one of his highlights.

Through his varied teaching experience, John has had the opportunity to develop and implement rock band programs and concerts, including instructing and grooming the bands for performance, stage set up, lighting, and sound. John is thrilled to be teaching at Long and McQuade and looks forward to bringing his fun and motivating style to his lessons. John teaches guitar, bass, and fiddle lessons at our Winnipeg Henderson location.
His rate is $28 per half hour.

Meg Specht - Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Woodwinds music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

meg specht (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Woodwinds)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Day(s): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Meg has played clarinet since she joined her school band at age 11, and added saxophone to her repertoire shortly afterwards. Throughout her career she has performed in many ensembles such as the Winnipeg Youth Orchestras, University of Manitoba Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Symphony Orchestra, the Winnipeg Wind Ensemble, and various musical pit orchestras. During her Masters degree, she co-founded the University of York Wind Orchestra with friends and colleagues who share her passion for wind band music.
Meg loves to teach woodwinds to people of all ages and abilities and firmly believes that music is for everyone, no matter how they may choose to participate in it. Meg teaches at our Winnipeg Henderson location.
Her rate is 28$ per half hour.

Nina Rudakova - Piano music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

nina rudakova (Piano)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Style: classical

Teaching Day(s): Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Nina was born and grew up in Russia, attending music school at the age of 5. She started to perform early, and at the age of 12 she played with the Orchestra of Russian Native Instruments. At the age of 15 she played with a chamber orchestra and symphony orchestra. She also participated in a few competitions, as both soloist and accompanist and won prizes.

Nina’s post-secondary education took place at Glinka musical college. While she was there, she started to work for a music school as a choral accompanist. Later she began to teach students and some of her students won prizes in provincial competitions.
After a long journey of studying piano at Glinka musical college and Mussorgsky Conservatory in Sverdlovsk Russia, she graduated as a piano teacher and an accompanist at the age of 19.

In 2005 Nina immigrated to Canada and since then she has worked as an accompanist for Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company and other music schools. In addition, Nina also teaches private students. She loves to give them all of her knowledge and share her love of music with them. Her rate is $28/half hour. Lessons are available in English and Russian.

Paul Baek - Viola, Violin music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

paul baek (Viola, Violin)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Style: classical

Teaching Day(s): Friday, Saturday

Paul Baek is a violinist and graduate from Western University. He began playing the violin at the age of four, taking a four year break from lessons along the way, and reigniting a passion for music at age fourteen after being introduced to the famous Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. Paul was a featured soloist with the London Youth Symphony, playing the Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3 in G Major, and was a finalist in the Don Wright Faculty of Music Concerto Competition. Paul holds a Masters Degree in Violin Performance and Literature from London, Ontario, having studied in the studio of Annette-Barbara Vogel. He has performed with several orchestras in Southern Ontario, including the Western University Symphony Orchestra, International Symphony Orchestra, and has also performed with members of the Tafelmusik Baroque Ensemble.

A passionate teacher as well, Paul began private teaching in 2021 and is continuing to develop his skills as a violin pedagogue. In addition to teaching beginner to advanced violin, Paul also teacher beginner to intermediate viola. Paul now resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba with his wife and two cats. His rate is $28.00 per half hour.

Simon Ng - Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

simon ng (Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Style: classical

Teaching Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Simon is a classically trained musician who plays piano, clarinet, saxophone, and flute. He began his musical journey by learning piano at the age of 9 and later found his love for woodwind instruments in high school. He attained the ABRSM graded music exam in piano, clarinet, saxophone, flute, and music theory. He received his Bachelor of Arts (Music) from the University of Hong Kong. During his studies, he was awarded the Arts Faculty Dean’s list, Yamaha Music Scholarship, and Professor Robert Lord Memorial Prize and he was the clarinetist in the university’s student orchestra.

Simon has taught piano, clarinet, saxophone, flute, and music theory for over 10 years and has experience in teaching students of all ages, from elementary school to retired adults. He was also a wind instrument instructor for elementary and high schools. He loves teaching music and enjoys sharing his love of music with his students. He believes music is for everyone and that music education is a wonderful learning experience. Lesson content would be uniquely tailored for each student and the genre would be from classical repertoires to pop hits based on individual interests and levels.

He is fluent in English, Cantonese, and fair in Mandarin. His rate is $27 per half hour.

Victor Hugo Lopez - Guitar, , Ukulele, Theory music lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

victor hugo lopez (Guitar, , Ukulele, Theory)

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Online Lessons:

Teaching Style: jazz

Teaching Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Saturday

Victor Hugo Lopez Bustamante has been entertaining audiences on the Winnipeg live music scene for over two decades. Whether contributing his varied musical skill-set and background to Papa Mambo, the Chuck Copenace group, Trio Bembe, Jupiter Storm and various other projects in Winnipeg and abroad, his musicianship, joy and musical expression shine through. His musical DNA includes genres spanning jazz/hip-hop/R&B/South-American folklore/Latin, and more from all over the world. Together with his training in Jazz pedagogy through his Bachelor of Jazz degree at the University of Manitoba, he has over a decade’s worth of experience developing tailored methods for teaching guitar, ukulele, bass, and music theory to students of beginning to advanced levels. Victor teaches at our Winnipeg Henderson location.
His rate is $27 per half hour.

Our Group Lessons:

Spirituals Workshop Adèle Wilding lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

Spirituals Workshop - Adèle Wilding

Lesson Registration Brochure Dates: 2024-07-05 to 2024-07-26
Cost: $80.00

Fun for the whole family! Join instructor Adèle Wilding as she takes you through the rich history of African-American spirituals through singing. In four sessions, participants will learn about topics such as body percussion, call and response singing, creating improvised harmonies, and so much more! This class is suitable for anyone ages 7 and up. NO prior musical experience is required.

Classes run on Fridays from 3:30-4:30

Collaborative Songwriting Adèle Wilding lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

Collaborative Songwriting - Adèle Wilding

Lesson Registration Brochure Dates: 2024-07-08 to 2024-04-29
Cost: $80.00

For youth ages 8-16: If you love to write poems or lyrics and want to learn how to turn them into songs, this class is for you! Students will learn about structure, groove based writing, graphic notation and writing catchy lyrics using summer themes. At the end of the two sessions, you will be able to perform your songs for your families right here in the Lessons Centre!

The cost of this class is $80. Session dates for this age group are as follows:

Monday July 8th from 1pm-5pm
Monday July 22nd from 1pm-5pm

For ages 17+: If you love to write your own songs or are considering a career as a singer-songwriter, this class is for you! Students will learn about structure, groove based writing, diatonic versus non diatonic chords and writing catchy melodies and lyrics. This class is recommended for anybody who wishes to tap into their inner composer, or anybody wishing to study songwriting.

The cost of this class is $80. Session dates for this age group are as follows:

Monday July 15th from 4pm-8pm
Monday July 29th from 4pm-8pm

Viva La Musica Early Music Development Carolina Nagy lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

Viva La Musica Early Music Development - Carolina Nagy

Lesson Registration Brochure Dates: 2024-07-05 to 2024-08-23
Cost: $120.00

This early music development class emphasizes learning through play, using folk songs and classical music. These 30 minute lessons provide the opportunity for young children to develop socially and physically through fun games and songs. Classes are available for children ages 2-5. Parent/guardian participation is required. Classes run at the following times:

Fridays from 10-10:30 for students ages 2-3
Fridays from 11-11:30 for students ages 4-5

Guitar 101 John Larsson lessons in Winnipeg (Henderson)

Guitar 101 - John Larsson

Lesson Registration Brochure Dates: 2024-07-03 to 2024-08-21
Cost: $160.00

Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar? Now is your chance! This introductory adult guitar class, led by John Larsson, will teach you the basics of rock and roll! Learn about chords, strumming patterns, lead guitar licks, and popular riffs with the Rock Shop Method book. No experience required! Electric or acoustic guitars welcome! Available for adults 18+!

Classes are held on Wednesdays from 6-7.
Cost of method book not included.