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3060 Davidson Court, Unit #1
Burlington, Ontario, L7M 4X7

Lesson Centre: Phone or Text (905) 319-7919

Store Phone: (905) 319-3330

Fax: (905) 319-7921

Lesson Centre Email: burlingtonlessons@long-mcquade.com

Store Email: burlington@long-mcquade.com

Lesson Centre Hours
Monday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Tuesday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Wednesday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Friday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00-5:00pm

Our Trumpet Teachers:

Dylan Wright - Trumpet music lessons in Burlington

Dylan Wright (Trumpet) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Dylan helps students of all ages and skill levels play their favorite music on trumpet, including video game music, pop songs, and more, while building the foundation needed to succeed in school and beyond.

Dylan is a Burlington Teen Tour Band alumnus, serving as section leader, soloist, and fanfare trumpet performer during his 5 years with the band. He is a graduate from Western University with a Bachelor of Music. When not teaching, he works as a brass clinician and video game composer.

His rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Our Group Lessons:

LAKESIDE WIND ENSEMBLE Lizuarte DeSousa lessons in Burlington

LAKESIDE WIND ENSEMBLE (Lizuarte DeSousa) Lesson Registration

Dates: 2022-09-13 to 2023-06-15
Cost: $350 yearly

Lakeside Wind Ensemble is a community brass and woodwind group that plays a variety of music. We accept all types of wind instruments: Flutes, Clarinets, Bass Clarinet, Oboe, Alto Saxophones, Tenor Saxophones, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, Baritones, Euphoniums, and Tubas. Our regular season runs from September through June, Tuesday nights from 7pm-8:30pm

BUMBLEBEE ORCHESTRA Rosemary Hale lessons in Burlington

BUMBLEBEE ORCHESTRA (Rosemary Hale) Lesson Registration https://www.gardencityorchestra.com/

Dates: 2022-09-15 to 2022-06-15
Cost: $231

The Bumblebee Orchestra is an educational ensemble that provides instruction to string players
that are reading and playing at the Grade 2 Suzuki or RCM Level. Students must be able to read music at a beginner level. For ages 7 - 14. Current session, 2023 from 5:00-6:30.

GARDEN CITY ORCHESTRA Rosemary Hale lessons in Burlington

GARDEN CITY ORCHESTRA (Rosemary Hale) Lesson Registration https://www.gardencityorchestra.com/

Dates: 2022-09-15 to 2023-06-15
Cost: $231

Includes community members from the Halton and Hamilton area.
Garden City Orchestra rehearses weekly throughout the year. We have two big concerts a year. One in December and one in June. We go out to senior homes and we take part in music festivals. Garden City Orchestra began in 2015 and we have been growing ever since. We enjoy learning and performing pieces from all the great composers from the past and present.

We invite guest musicians to our performances to make it extra special.

Students should be reading at or above a Grade 3 Suzuki or RCM Level. Rehearsals are Thursday nights from 7-9 PM