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Emily McCorkle - coordinator of the music lessons in London North

Emily McCorkle

Emily is a graduate of the University of Windsor, where she completed both her Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education and is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. Primarily a vocalist, she has also studied piano, clarinet, and the fundamentals of band instruments. Throughout her musical career she has taught privately, and has performed with various vocal and instrumental ensembles. Emily aims to create an inclusive community at the lesson centre that encourages an appreciation of all art forms.

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Ask about our SUMMER ROCK SKOOL! Play popular songs, learn about lighting, live sound and some excellent rock history... and of course, the final performance for admiring fans (family & friends). ROCK ON under the skilled guidance of our experienced instructors! Call/Text 519.439.0102 or email us for details.

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Our Teachers:

Aaron Dimoff - Voice, Piano music lessons in London North

Aaron Dimoff (Voice, Piano) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Aaron Dimoff has been singing professionally on operatic stages across the country for the last decade. After receiving his Masters in Vocal Performance degree from UWO, he worked as a resident artist for the Calgary Opera company, performing and training with singers, conductors, and directors from around the world. Aaron has since performed on Canada's biggest stages, from the Edmonton Opera company to the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto. An avid teacher when not performing, Aaron enjoys passing on his experience to everyone from absolute beginners, to musicians pursuing a professional career. His rate is $25.00/half-hour lesson.

Aidan Wasse - Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Bass music lessons in London North

Aidan Wasse (Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Bass) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Aidan is a local multi-instrumentalist with a passion for playing, creating and teaching music. A graduate of Fanshawe College’s Music Industry Arts, and Audio Post Production programs, he has also studied piano, guitar, electric/upright bass, voice and music theory. Having performed with bands, orchestras, and theatre companies, Aidan has a love for many genres including rock, jazz, funk, soul, and classical. His passion for music also extends into the technological side, with professional experience in music production and audio engineering. As a teacher, Aidan aims to provide students with a well-rounded musical education, with an emphasis on fostering enthusiasm and having fun. Aidan's rate is $25.00/half-hour private lesson.

Alex Tirolese - Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Banjo, Ukulele, Electric Bass music lessons in London North

Alex Tirolese (Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Banjo, Ukulele, Electric Bass) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Alex is a talented saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist with 20 years of playing experience. He is currently pursuing a music degree through Berklee College of Music. Alex is a thorough and patient teacher with 8 years experience teaching privately at local studios and with the Holy Spirit Marching Band. Alex emphasizes musicality, each lesson building on the previous ones, and of course, having fun. Alex is well-versed in many styles of music including, but not limited to, rock, funk, jazz, and classical. When not teaching, studying or recording, you can catch Alex gigging across Ontario with his band, Fun Fact. In addition, Alex is an official artist for Spector Basses. His rate is $25.00/half-hour private lesson.

Amanda Barrett - Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba music lessons in London North

Amanda Barrett (Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Amanda Barrett is a current Music Education Honours student at Western University where she is studying to become an instrumental school music teacher. She grew up surrounded by the brass banding scene in The Salvation Army, developing a passion for brass that has led her to learn trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium and tuba. She has been playing her main instrument, trumpet, for about eight years studying under various professional brass instructors. Amanda began privately teaching at the age of 17 and continues to teach other aspiring brass players. Lessons with Amanda follow along the individual goals and needs of each student. She is excited to work with new and experienced brass players! Her rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Andrew Kosty - Upright Bass, Electric Bass music lessons in London North

Andrew Kosty (Upright Bass, Electric Bass) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Andrew Kosty is a professional double bassist as well as an electric bassist. Andrew started playing the upright bass playing classically, at age 9 in Windsor under the tutelage of Greg Sheldon, principal bassist of the Windsor Symphony. Throughout his teen years, Andrew started to branch out and play not only in Windsor but also in the Detroit in the Detroit Civic Orchestra and Detroit Civic Jazz band. This is also when he started to delve into other genres that the bass was capable of. After several acceptances, Andrew attended the University of Western Ontario on scholarship for his undergraduate degree. He studied with Joseph Phillips at the university as well as played in the school’s first jazz combo program under direction of Dr. Kevin Watson. Andrew Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in performance Double Bass. Andrew was able to play for the London Symphonia and the International Symphony Orchestra having been out of school for under a year. In his spare time Andrew enjoys reading, running, and playing with his London Based Band ‘Fox the Hound.’ His rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Cameron Tubbs - Cello music lessons in London North

Cameron Tubbs (Cello) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Cameron has earned a Master of Music in Cello Performance from the University of Missouri and a Bachelor of Music in the same from Eastern Michigan University and has been playing cello since the age of 10. Cameron has taught lessons in a variety of settings: his private studio, an after school centre for students who were not offered a musical education at school, and the community teaching program at the University of Missouri. He has won the university concerto competition at Eastern Michigan University and was awarded the New Music Ensemble fellowship and the University of Missouri. Cameron enjoys performing chamber music, orchestral playing, and solo performing. His rate is $26 per half-hour private lesson.

Charnelle Pennyfeather - Piano, Voice music lessons in London North

Charnelle Pennyfeather (Piano, Voice) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Charnelle is a graduate of the Honours Theory and Composition Program at Western University. She is a classically trained vocalist and is currently a chorister, composer, organist and pianist at her church here in London. Charnelle has a passion for musical theatre and has composed original scores for several productions, as well as short films. She was the Musical Director of Western Hillel's Cabaret, Vocal Director for King's Players Production of Little Shop of Horrors and apprenticed with the Musical Theatre on The Thames. Charnelle believes in the power of storytelling in music and encourages her students to find their own unique musical voice. She specializes in classical music, musical theatre and pop styles and her rate is $25.00/half-hour private lesson.

Chris Stahlke - Violin, Viola, Piano, Mandolin, Theory music lessons in London North

Chris Stahlke (Violin, Viola, Piano, Mandolin, Theory) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Chris has been playing violin and piano since 1983 and has been teaching privately since 1995. He holds Royal Conservatory Grade 10 diplomas for both violin and piano. Chris has played with several local orchestras, including Orchestra London and the University of Western Ontario Symphony Orchestra on violin and viola. He held the position of principal second violin with the Stratford Symphony Orchestra and is a member of various worship teams in the area. Chris enjoys recording for different artists, playing for local bands, and has had his violin playing featured on TV. His rate per half-hour private lesson is $26.00.

Christian Golding - Piano music lessons in London North

Christian Golding (Piano) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Christian Golding is a London based pianist with over a decade of expertise performing, coaching and teaching. Hailing from Pickering Ontario, Christian graduated from Western University with both a Bachelor of Music in Performance and a Master’s in Piano Literature and Performance. During his studies he worked under the tutelage of many prolific teachers, including Dr. Leslie Kinton, Gwen Beamish, and Brett Kingsbury. Christian has won many prestigious competitions including the Maritsa Brooks Concerto Competition performing Beethoven’s “Emperor” concerto with the Western University Orchestra, as well as the Kiwanis and Rotary music festivals at the provincial level. Currently, he is partaking in multiple international competitions for both duo and solo piano. As well, Christian has experience in collaborative piano, composition, music theory (rudimentary to advanced) and vocal coaching. As a passionate teacher, Christian ensures that his students receive an education that will develop them into well-rounded musicians. He enjoys working with all ages and levels and tailors each lesson to the needs and interests of the individual. His rate is $25.00/half-hour private lesson.

Christina Willatt - Voice, Piano music lessons in London North

Christina Willatt (Voice, Piano) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Christina Willatt is an award-winning singer and pianist who has performed in Canada, the United States and Italy. Christina graduated from the Master of Music Performance program at UWO in 2011. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Regina in Performance & Composition, as well as Grade 10 Voice and ARCT Piano diplomas from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Christina has extensive experience teaching and is the music director at the Church of St. Jude in London. She is enthusiastic to teach students of all ages and skill levels in a variety of styles and genres including classical, jazz, rock and pop. Christina's rate is $26.00/half-hour private lesson.

Daniel Gardner - Drums music lessons in London North

Daniel Gardner (Drums) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Daniel Gardner is a teacher, percussionist, and composer originally from Belleville, ON. His music has been commissioned by ensembles across Canada and performed internationally. Daniel is experienced performing wide variety of musical styles, ranging from jazz to punk. In his teaching Daniel emphasizes the importance of developing students into complete musicians, incorporating elements of composition, improvisation, and active listening into lessons. He has been praised by students for his ability to, “see how the student learns and then uses this knowledge to find different ways to teach” and for his, “enthusiasm and inviting personality”. Daniel has been teaching since 2011 and holds an M.Mus in Composition from Western University, and a B. Mus. from Mount Allison University. His rate is $25.00 per half an hour private lesson.

Errington Sallows - Voice, Piano music lessons in London North

Errington Sallows (Voice, Piano) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Errington could not be more excited to be teaching voice lessons and piano lessons at Long and McQuade. She is currently in the process of completing her Bachelors of Education at the University of Western Ontario where she also received her Bachelor of Music in Music Education and her Masters of Music Education with voice as her primary instrument. She has had the opportunity to work under Jennifer Moir as well as two other vocal coaches who were employed by the Canadian Opera Company. She is very passionate about her students having a well-rounded experience during their lessons including giving them the opportunity to direct the type of music that is learned. Through her previous experiences teaching privately, working with Original Kids Theatre Company, leading vocal programming at multiple summer camps and her education, she is comfortable teaching a wide range of genres such as; classical, musical theatre, folk, and pop. Errington strives to create a learning environment that is inclusive for all types of learners and hopes that, as a result of her experience and passion for music, she is able to customize every lesson to meet the needs of her students. Her rate is $25/half-hour lesson.

Gavino Oresta - Guitar music lessons in London North

Gavino Oresta (Guitar) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Gavino Oresta is a classically trained guitarist with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Music from Brock University with a concentration in music education. Gavino has been playing guitar for over 10 years and has been teaching for 5 years. Gavino is well educated in music theory and currently is working towards his Bachelor of Education at UWO. Gavino also loves popular music especially rock and Classic rock. Some of his favourite bands consist of the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Foo Fighters and the Killers. Gavino’s other interests include watching movies of all genres and playing and watching soccer. His rate is $25.00 per half-hour lesson.

Kelly Currie - Drums music lessons in London North

Kelly Currie (Drums) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Kelly holds a diploma in Music Industry Arts from Fanshawe College and has over 8 years experience working in the independent music communities of Toronto and London. Spending his college years teaching lessons and ‘wood-shedding’ in a variety of music projects, he is enthusiastic about sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for drums with anyone interested in picking up the sticks. Kelly is well-versed in many styles including Rock, Funk and Latin. He places an emphasis on groove, musicality and above all, having fun. Kelly's rate is $25.00/half-hour private lesson.

Kelly Matthews - Violin music lessons in London North

Kelly Matthews (Violin) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Kelly Matthews began her music studies at the age of six. She studied violin, saxophone, and music theory at the Geoffrey James Lee School of Music in Timmins, Ontario. After high school, Kelly attended the University of Western Ontario where she received a Bachelor of Music degree. While in University, she studied violin with Gwen Thompson and Annette-Barbara Vogel. She also performed with the university orchestra and a variety of chamber music groups. After the completion of her music degree, Kelly completed a Master of Library and Information Sciences degree from the University of Western Ontario. She is now employed as the Registrar for Conservatory Canada, and her private lesson rate is $25.00/half-hour.

Kristine Musgrove - Drums, Percussion music lessons in London North

Kristine Musgrove (Drums, Percussion) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Kristine Musgrove is currently a Music Education Ph.D. Candidate at Western University where her research focuses on pedagogy employed in secondary instrumental ensembles. She holds a Master’s Degree in Music Education from Florida International University in Miami, Florida and a Bachelor of Music from Stetson University in Deland, Florida.

Kristine has experience teaching Percussion (i.e., marching band, concert band, orchestra, percussion ensemble, percussion methods, private lessons) to all ages in a variety of contexts. Before attending Western University, Kristine was employed as a Middle School Choir teacher in Berkeley County, West Virginia who also taught Intermediate School Beginner Band for fourth and fifth graders. Prior to that, Kristine taught Concert Band, Orchestra, Guitar, Music Theory, and Percussion at the secondary level in South Florida.

Mabel Wonnacott - Voice, Piano music lessons in London North

Mabel Wonnacott (Voice, Piano) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Mabel holds an Honours Bachelor in voice from the University of Ottawa and an Artist’s Diploma from Western University. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in voice at Western. Although Mabel is a classically trained singer, she is also an experienced musical theatre performer and has sung for folk and rock bands alike. Before coming to London, Mabel taught both voice and piano in her hometown. Her priority is to help her students develop a deep enjoyment of music and to support them in meeting their individual goals. Her rate is $25/half-hour private lesson.

Matthew Martin - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in London North

Matthew Martin (Guitar, Ukulele) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Matt Martin is a London, Ontario guitar teacher of many stripes; with a diverse background in classical guitar, fingerstyle, flamenco, folk, rock, music theory, songwriting, psychology, education, and music production he dedicates his unique skill set to helping students reach their musical goals and inspire them to go further.

Matt began playing guitar when he was 15 and immediately became a life-long student of effective and efficient learning. Originally inspired by rock guitar virtuosos, he practiced technique endlessly for a year before discovering a new challenge, classical guitar. In less than three years, Matt advanced far enough in classical guitar, music theory, and piano to attend Western University, where he achieved his Bachelor of Music (honors) degree with a minor in psychology. After completing his music degree, Matt continued his training with a Bachelor of Education from UWO, followed by a Music Industry Arts diploma from Fanshawe. His rate is $25.00/half-hour private lesson.

Melissa Tipson-Mohr - Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone music lessons in London North

Melissa Tipson-Mohr (Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Melissa holds a Master's Degree in Music Performance and Literature from Western University, where she also obtained an Undergraduate Degree in Music Education. A talented clarinetist, flutist and saxophonist, as well as an arts manager, working in the non-profit art scene for the past four years, Melissa is also the co-founder and clarinetist of the contemporary chamber ensemble Koine Project. She is well versed in teaching all musical styles aiming to create an open and fun learning environment. Her rate is $25/half-hour private lesson.

Rick McLeod - Guitar music lessons in London North

Rick McLeod (Guitar) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Rick started teaching guitar in the early '70s in local music centers, evening classes at Fanshawe College and lunch classes in local Separate Schools. He worked on the guitar curriculum committee for Yamaha Canada Music where he assisted in editing, testing and contributed original material to the Yamaha Guitar Method Series. He also was involved in writing articles for the national newsletter, adjudicating music festivals, working as a clinician at music camps and teacher seminars in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. Rick also enjoys playing live on guitar or as a drummer with the Royal Scots O’Mocha. His rate is is $25.00/half-hour private lesson.

Sway Chen - Voice, Piano music lessons in London North

Sway Chen (Voice, Piano) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Sway Chen has been performing professionally internationally in the past 10 years as an opera and musical theater singer. She has achieved ARCT for singing and piano high class honor through RCM. She helped high school student award scholarship in two counties in Florida based on her professional experiences. She plays piano at church bands as well. She also teaches pop music and theory for piano and voice. Her rate is $25 per half an hour private lesson.