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Our Violin Teachers:

Gage Salnikowski - Strings, Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Guitar, Woodwinds music lessons in Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.)

Gage Salnikowski (Strings, Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Guitar, Woodwinds) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Multi-instrumentalist Gage Salnikowski plays over 50 different instruments, and has used his skills as performer, composer, educator, and multidisciplinary artist, to produce and perform a wide variety of material. From experimental orchestral and jazz, to ambient pop, indy rock, funk, and technical metal, Gage has equal experience performing the avant-garde in art galleries and concerts halls as he does touring with local acts.
Notably, Gage's work was recently featured on CBC television, CBC radio, City TV, and CKUW for recording classical symphonies as a one man orchestra, playing every instrument himself.
Gage teaches at our Winnipeg (Pembina) lesson centre.
His rate is $28 per half hour.

Nathan Mohabir - Violin, Strings music lessons in Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.)

Nathan Mohabir (Violin, Strings) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Nathan has been playing the violin for over 13 years and has completed grade 9 in Violin with the Royal Conservatory of Music. He enjoys a wide variety of music, with experience in fiddling as well as classical repertoire. Nathan's performances include the Winnipeg Music Festival, the University of Manitoba Symphony Orchestra, in which he has been a regular member since 2016, as well as various other small ensembles. He currently studies the violin with Oleg Pokhanovski at the University of Manitoba, where he will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in music. Nathan also has a keen interest in music theory and history and has completed RCM examinations in both subjects. Nathan teaches violin lessons at our Winnipeg (Pembina) location.
His rate is $28 per half hour.