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Our Teachers:

Al Rowe - Guitar, Voice, Ukulele music lessons in Markham

Al Rowe (Guitar, Voice, Ukulele)

Al holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Humber College. He teaches guitar, voice, ukulele, piano, and music theory. He has spent numerous years teaching, performing on national tours, and taking part in projects with some of the music industry's most widely acclaimed recording artists, including The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato (Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam). Al's most recent recording was produced by Tommy Mac of the multi-platinum band Hedley. Al enjoys teaching all genres including rock, pop, classical, and jazz, and students of all ages.

Al's rate is $25.00/30min lesson.

Bahar Ossareh - Guitar, Theory music lessons in Markham

Bahar Ossareh (Guitar, Theory)

Bahar holds a Master's Degree in Guitar Performance. She teaches all RCM levels for Classical Guitar, and has been teaching various styles such as rock, contemporary and popular music for more than 10 years. She is passionate about education and tailors her instruction based on the personal goals of each student. Having performed in several recitals and concerts both as a soloist and a chamber musician, Bahar's musical experience is broad and also includes leading and conducting ensembles and guitar orchestras. She enjoys working with students of all ages and skill levels.

Bahar's rate is $25/30min lesson.

Carlo Bianchini - Guitar, Voice, Piano music lessons in Markham

Carlo Bianchini (Guitar, Voice, Piano)

Carlo has been instructing guitar, voice, and piano for approximately 23 years. He is dedicated to creating a fun and inspirational learning environment in many styles including Rock, Classical, Pop, Jazz, and Blues. Carlo also instructs RCM beginner theory classes and prepares his students for auditions in musical performances. As a Singer/Songwriter Carlo's original music has been heard on radio across Canada, the U.S., Europe, and the U.K. prompting tours and shows on many world class stages. Carlo also hosts an open mic at Mains Mansion in Markham every Wednesday, regularly performs solo in Markham, and is one of the judges for World Championships of Performing Arts.

Carlo's rate is $27/30min lesson.

Catherine Di Clemente - Voice, Piano music lessons in Markham

Catherine Di Clemente (Voice, Piano)

Catherine is a graduate of York University’s Honours Music program, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in piano and voice. She has studied performance, education, and composition. She has worked both as a private music teacher and in the elementary school setting for piano and voice, teaching students of all ages. Catherine is an avid songwriter and producer, and is passionate about helping others access their capacities for creative self-expression. Catherine is currently working towards her ARCT in Piano Pedagogy with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Catherine's rate is $25.00/30min lesson.

Charles Collymore - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele music lessons in Markham

Charles Collymore (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele)

Charles is a Humber College graduate of Music and has been a teacher for over 10 years. He has taught guitar, bass guitar and theory to students of all ages and experience levels. He performs and teaches numerous styles of music including funk, rock, pop, jazz, r&b, soul, fusion and hip hop to name a few. He has performed with bands both locally and internationally in Toronto, New York, Budapest and Prague. Some of these acts include JUNO nominated artist and activist Emmanuel Jal, Tanika Charles and The Muso Project. Charles is also a seasoned studio musician. Charles is also a composer and the band leader of Toronto's hip hop/Soul band PHATBACK.

Charles' rate is $24.00/30min lesson.

Christian Anderson - Guitar, Bass, Theory music lessons in Markham

Christian Anderson (Guitar, Bass, Theory)

Christian is a graduate of Musician's Institute (GIT) in Hollywood, California. With over 10 years of teaching experience, he works with students of all experience levels - delivering personalized instruction in pop, rock, blues, metal, and shred guitar styles. Lessons are designed to fit with the goals and learning styles of each individual student, and include a wide range of subjects such as technique, theory, music reading, ear-training, improvisation, and performance coaching. Christian released a solo guitar album in 2012 and is currently lead guitarist in the modern rock band, Affinity. He has studied with the world-renowned musicians Rusty Cooley, Alex Machacek, Scott Henderson, Terry Syrek, and Carl Schroeder. Christian’s live performance experience includes playing shows at several of Toronto’s larger venues such as the Sound Academy, Phoenix Concert Hall, and the Canadian Indie Music Awards, in addition to gigging regularity at just about every rock venue in Toronto.

Christian's rate is $26.00/30min lesson.

Daisy Tam - Piano, Theory music lessons in Markham

Daisy Tam (Piano, Theory)

Daisy Tam holds a Master of Arts in Music Theory and a Bachelor of Arts Honors Specialization in Music from The University of Western Ontario. In addition, she holds an ARCT Diploma in Piano Performance from The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). Daisy is an RCM certified teacher in piano, harmony, and music history and is a member of the RCM College of Examiners as a theory examiner. In her studio and classes, Daisy strives to deliver well-rounded lessons by illuminating the connections between practical, theoretical, and historical music studies. She is also dedicated to mentoring her students and leading them through transformative learning experiences.

Daisy's rate is $27/30min lesson.

Elaine Ng - Piano, Violin, Cello, Theory music lessons in Markham

Elaine Ng (Piano, Violin, Cello, Theory)

Elaine received a Bachelor of Music (Honours)and post-graduate Diploma in Music Performance at McMaster University where she majored in performance,theory and teaching. Ms. Ng went on to receive a Bachelor of Education at Brock University concentrating on Special Education and English as a Second Language. Elaine is registered with the Ontario Music Teachers’ Association and is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers working frequently in the York Region District School Board. Additionally, she performs and conducts choir on a regular basis. Teaching all RCM levels as well as contemporary styles, Elaine enjoys working with students of all ages (3 and up).

Elaine's rate is $26.00/30min lesson.

Eva Ng - Piano, Violin, Cello music lessons in Markham

Eva Ng (Piano, Violin, Cello)

Eva is an RCM piano program graduate with extensive education in piano, violin, flute, cello, and theory.Obtaining her Bachelors Degree of Music at McMaster University and her ARCT at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Eva has the ability to instruct contemporary and all RCM levels. In addition, Eva performs frequently at various venues for weddings, ceremonies, and festivals of all kinds.

Eva's rate is $28.00/30min lesson.

Evelyn Kamal - Violin, Voice music lessons in Markham

Evelyn Kamal (Violin, Voice)

Evelyn has studied violin for over 10 years. She has extensive Royal Conservatory of Music training and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Education. She has experience in a variety of genres and styles, including contemporary, classical, folk and gospel music, and also teaches the Suzuki method. In addition to having experience in musical theater performance, She has completed a series of directed vocal studies courses at Tyndale University. Evelyn is passionate about music education and uses a variety of instructional strategies.

Her rate is $24.00/30min lesson.

Frankie Caracci - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Markham

Frankie Caracci (Guitar, Bass)

Frankie graduated from Seneca College in the Independent Music Production course. He has been instructing students for 7 years and is well-known for his ability to teach and assist anyone who is interested in learning Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Latin, Jazz and Pop styles. He delivers various methods of teaching to suit the playing level of the student, and pays close attention to technique, and theory. Additionally, he has spent time at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA furthering his knowledge of Scales, Modes and Chord Voicings, and took private lessons with ex-Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover. Frankie is currently a member of the touring metal band, Vesperia.

Frankie's rate is $27.00/30min lesson.

Jade Wan - Piano, Theory music lessons in Markham

Jade Wan (Piano, Theory)

Jade holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Education from the University of Toronto, and also received her ARCT diploma from the RCM. With over 15 years of teaching experience behind her, she tailors her instruction using various approaches and perspectives for all skill levels. Jade also delivers knowledge and instruction in the world of music theory up to RCM Analysis. Every year, many of her students go through competitions, practical exams, and write upcoming theory RCM and CC Examinations. She loves to share her passion for music with students of all ages and levels.

Jade's rate is $26.00/30min lesson.

Johanna Lyn - Voice, Piano music lessons in Markham

Johanna Lyn (Voice, Piano)

Johanna holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in vocal jazz performance, and a Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music certificate in both piano and voice. Teaching in many idioms with an emphasis on improvisation and sound technique, Johanna has taught in various Toronto and Vancouver lesson studios, as well as privately for over 9 years. Johanna is a licensed Kindermusik Educator, a certified Dalcroze teacher, and has training in the Orff and Kodaly pedagogies. She has a passion for education, and believes every interaction is an opportunity for sharing, growth, and development on a musical and personal level. Johanna strives to maintain a challenging, and positive learning environment for students of all ages.

Her rate is: $25.00/30min lesson.

Julian Jannetta - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in Markham

Julian Jannetta (Guitar, Ukulele)

Julian holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music (with high distinction) from York University. He is currently earning his Bachelor of Education through Niagara University. Julian grew up studying RCM Classical guitar, and has delved into various genres, including rock, blues, jazz, classical, pop, instrumental, flamenco, and fusion. He is primarily influenced by rock virtuosos Steve Vai and Nick Johnston, as well as jazz guitarist Joe Pass, and has studied privately with Rob McDonald and Mark Patterson. As a performer, he has played alongside artists, such as Vita Chambers, Eleven Past One, Crystalyne, and Courage My Love. Possessing a true passion for education, Julian enjoys working with all ages and levels.

Julian’s rate is $24.00/30min lesson.

Katerina Petrovski - Piano, Theory music lessons in Markham

Katerina Petrovski (Piano, Theory)

Katerina is a recent graduate from Queen’s University with a Bachelor’s of Music in Piano and Composition. She has been a part of the RCM piano curriculum since she was seven and is currently in pursuit of completing her ARCT in Piano Pedagogy. During University she was a prominent pianist in the Kingston musical theatre community and was awarded the title pianist role for The Nightmare Before Christmas, NINE: The Musical, Evil Dead: The Musical, and The Producers, all in the same year. In her lessons, Katerina values developing determination, drive, musicality, accountability & passion from her students. Katerina can prepare students for upcoming theory and practical piano RCM Examinations.

Katerina's rate is $25/30min lesson.

Keena Eloise - Piano, Voice music lessons in Markham

Keena Eloise (Piano, Voice)

Keena is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto with a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance and also holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Queen’s University. She has studied RCM in voice and piano. Having performed at festivals, concerts, musical and operatic productions across Ontario, Keena has also had experience leading choral groups from 5 to 200 people for festival performances. With years of experience in individual bilingual lessons, Keena enjoys teaching RCM levels as well as contemporary genres to English or French speaking students.

Keena's rate is $26.00/30min lesson.

Kelly Jupp - Piano music lessons in Markham

Kelly Jupp (Piano)

Kelly holds an Honours Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Toronto. She completed her RCM Grade 9 Piano exam with Honours and has studied the Grade 10 Repertoire extensively. With over 13 years of teaching experience for all ages, Kelly works with students at all skill levels and has taught in Montessori and Preparatory schools. She has prepared many students for RCM practical and theory examinations, recitals and music festivals. Kelly believes in helping students foster a strong foundation for musical understanding so that they are able to master a variety of genres and techniques, and develop a lifelong love of music.

Kelly's rate is $25.00/30min lesson.

Kurt McIntosh - Woodwinds, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute music lessons in Markham

Kurt McIntosh (Woodwinds, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute)

Kurt is a Mohawk College graduate with a solid foundation in Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute. Kurt has been teaching for over 4 years. He is also a freelance musician who performs in large multicultural functions such as the Caribana and Harbour Front Island Soul Series. In addition, he is recognized for his performances with The Mighty Sparrow, Beckett Rupee, and Kevin Little. Kurt is undoubtedly able to enhance studies in music genres including Jazz and Stage Band with any age at all levels.

Kurt's rate is $25.00/30min lesson.

Kyle Woodard - Flute, Saxophone,Clarinet, Woodwinds, Piano music lessons in Markham

Kyle Woodard (Flute, Saxophone,Clarinet, Woodwinds, Piano)

Kyle earned his Bachelor of Music with Honours from Humber College as a Woodwind Specialist, and for over 13 years has been teaching students from ages 5 to 65 on the Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, and Recorder. Comfortable in any musical style, Kyle loves teaching his students jazz, classical, pop, soul, and contemporary music. As a professional musician, Kyle has worked as a recording artist and composer for film scores, musicals, commercials, and wedding companies, and has been touring with his original band Kayko since 2009. Kyle is recognized for his work alongside renowned musicians Tommy LiPuma (Paul McCartney, Miles Davis), Danilo Perez, Bob Mintzer, Guido Basso, and Larnell Lewis (Snarky Puppy).

His rate is $24.00/30min lesson.

Laura Fata - Piano music lessons in Markham

Laura Fata (Piano)

Laura is a graduate of the Fine Arts Music Program and Concurrent Education Program in the Primary/Junior division at York University. She is an RCM Piano program graduate, completing her Grade 10 with Honors. With over 6 years of piano teaching experience, Laura has the ability to instruct beginner to advanced students, using a variety of piano methods and teaching approaches. In addition, Laura is able to instruct students up to Grade 3 History and Harmony requisites, as well as prepare students for upcoming theory and practical piano RCM Examinations.

Laura's rate is $26.00/30min lesson.

Mark Herrera - Piano music lessons in Markham

Mark Herrera (Piano)

Pianist, composer, and educator Mark Herrera has been performing actively in the Toronto area for 12 years. In 2011, he received a Master's Degree in Composition from York University. He has performed at many of the major Jazz festivals in Ontario, such as the Beaches Jazz Festival, Markham Jazz festival, Orangeville Jazz Festival, and the Toronto Jazz Festival. Aside from jazz, he's also known as the musical director for Toronto based hip-hop duo The Airplane Boys. In 2012, they performed at The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival in Los Angeles, and the Osheaga Festival in Montreal. Mark is also currently studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music under Monica Gaylord where he ispreparing for a program featuring the works of Frederic Chopin.

Mark's rate is $26.00/30min lesson.

Martine Miller - Piano, Voice music lessons in Markham

Martine Miller (Piano, Voice)

Martine has over 10 years experience working with children and adults within community groups, schools and church ensembles. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours specializing in Vocal Music Education from York University. She has been a member of many ensembles as a vocalist, instrumentalist and accompanist. Currently she is running workshops and concerts for schools and groups in the Durham Region with the Absolute Music Company and is also pursuing her ARCT in Piano Pedagogy from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Lessons with Martine offer fun, engaging musical activities which will teach music reading, technique and musicality through various genres from classical to contemporary.

Martine's rate is $25/30min lesson.

Mike McClelland - Drum Set music lessons in Markham

Mike McClelland (Drum Set)

Mike has over 35 years of professional teaching experience. He has a wealth of performance experience including the Downtown Jazz Festivals in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Montreux, Switzerland. Mike has performed with renowned artists Bob Fenton, Doug Riley, Shirley Eikhard, Bill Grove, Tommy Ambrose,and Salome Bey. He is an active member of the band Largely Unknown along with Don Thompson and Kathy Moses. Being well versed in all genres, Mike is able to teach basic to advanced percussion rudiments and techniques and is well known for making lessons enjoyable and fun.

Mike's rate is $26.00/30min lesson.

Nigel Maynard - Drum Set music lessons in Markham

Nigel Maynard (Drum Set)

Nigel completed the Jazz Studies program at Humber College and has an extensive teaching and touring background of over 10 years. He has experience working with advanced students for College and University audition preparation, assisting drummers to prepare for touring opportunities, and also enjoys working with beginners and hobbyists. Nigel is passionate about teaching all styles including Rock, Funk, Jazz, Gospel, Fusion, Calypso, Reggae, Ska, Latin, African/Congolese,and Contemporary. As a teacher, he aims to inspire students and have them understand music as a form of art and expression.

Nigel's rate is $25.00/30 min lesson.

Noah Leibel - Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin music lessons in Markham

Noah Leibel (Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin)

Noah holds a Masters in Music from the University of Toledo in jazz performance, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, a performance certificate from the Musicians Institute in California and also is an OCT certified teacher currently teaching for the York Region District School Board. Noah plays a wide variety of musical styles including Jazz, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, and Funk. Noah Teaches Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin and Ukulele. He can be heard performing around the GTA and at Corporate events in a variety of bands.

Noah's rate is $27.00/30min lesson.

Paul Buchinger - Guitar, Bass, Theory music lessons in Markham

Paul Buchinger (Guitar, Bass, Theory)

Paul has been teaching for over 14 years. With a patient and enthusiastic attitude towards teaching, he has assisted students of all ages, levels, and styles and inspires students with methods for proper technique and theory reading in Jazz, Rock, and Funk. For the past few years Paul has taught students with materials suitable for just-for-playing, gigs, and theory.

Paul's rate is $27.00/30min lesson.

Ris Rumble - Piano, Voice music lessons in Markham

Ris Rumble (Piano, Voice)

Ris is a York University Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate who has had extensive Royal Conservatory of Music training. She is a composer, improviser, and performer who mixes her classical training with her well-rounded background in various genres of music including Jazz, Celtic, Funk, and Pop-Culture. Having accompanied numerous bands and artists, and been hired for many formal functions, Ris currently composes and performs professionally with her own band. She inspires and encourages her students with creative expression, hard work, and enthusiasm to learn in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

Ris' rate is $27.00/30min lesson.

Sandra Angers - Voice music lessons in Markham

Sandra Angers (Voice)

Sandra has been teaching vocals since 2000. She has trained a number of Canadian artists for tours and special performances. She is a graduate of the vocal performance program from the Lionel-Groulx College in Montreal and has done extensive training in musical theatre. Sandra owned a music school in Montreal for 5 years before to moving to Toronto. Sandra instructs in both English and French and in numerous genres including Pop, Disney, Musicals, and Classical.

Sandra's rate is $25.00/30min lesson.

Steven Clark - Guitar, Bass, Theory, Composition music lessons in Markham

Steven Clark (Guitar, Bass, Theory, Composition)

Steve has over 30yrs of playing and teaching experience. He has been teaching at Long & McQuade since 2006, all levels and ages. Genres include rock, jazz, blues and classical. Steve has been involved in music programs and workshops in Toronto and New York with prominent musician/composer Richie Beirach, guitarist George Botley (Berklee College), Howard Spring and John Gittens (York University). Steve is still leading his own bands, writing, playing broadway style shows and international music festivals (Toronto International Jazz Festival). He is very passionate about teaching and the performing arts.

Steve's rate is $27.00/30min lesson

Tim Gittens - Drum Set music lessons in Markham

Tim Gittens (Drum Set)

Tim has lent his drumming talents to performers of nearly every genre, playing and/or recording with artist like Shakura S'Aida, Divine Brown, Melanie Durrant, The Cates/Fomin Project, Leroy Emmanuel, Deesha, Affinity, and Bernadette Connors to name a few. He has done studio session work and soft-seat theatres, Classic Albums Live, cruise ships and chicken wing shacks, blues bars, rock bars, country bars, nightclubs, festival stages, theme parks, radio and television. A graduate of Humber College’s Jazz Studies program, Tim has himself been an educator for over twenty five years, teaching clinics and workshops in various music stores and high schools, and well over seven hundred private students to date. Tim is also a part time faculty member at MetalWorks Institute of Performance and Technology. Tim endorses Mapex Drums, Los Cabos Drumsticks, and Evans Drumheads.

Tim's rate is $25.00/30min lesson.

Vasco Alphonso - Piano, Violin music lessons in Markham

Vasco Alphonso (Piano, Violin)

Vasco Alphonso – Vasco has been teaching for over 30 years. He works with students of all levels and styles, and prepares them for Suzuki as well as Royal Conservatory exams. After receiving his Performers Certification in Piano & Violin, Vasco has proceeded to teach and perform music of all genres including Jazz, Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock and Roll, Big Band, Dance, Classical, Gospel, and Folk.

Vasco's rate $25.00/30min lesson.

Wilfrid Lee - Brass music lessons in Markham

Wilfrid Lee (Brass)

With an undergraduate degree from McGill University, Wilfrid has extensive performing experience participating in L'orchestra Francophone Canadian, Toronto Wind Ensemble, North Bay Symphony and the Red Brass Quintet and can also be heard on various albums ranging from folk, classical to pop genres. Wilfrid’s teaching experience stems back to 2001 conducting brass clinics and educating students from the elementary to university level. His students have gone on to pursue further musical endeavors such as university education and involvement in various orchestras.

Wilfrid's rate is $25.00/30min