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Online video lessons and in studio lessons available now.

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We are pleased to be offering a selection of special summer programming to run at the Lesson Centre in July and August.  Registration is now open for these programs - please see the descriptions at the bottom of this page for more information! 



Lessons Coordinator

Ben Redant - coordinator of the music lessons in Regina

Ben Redant

Lesson Coordinator
[email protected]

Ben Redant (he/him) was born and raised in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and has called Regina home now for 25 years. He has worked previously in the world of professional theatre and music in Saskatchewan, performing and working on shows across Saskatchewan for such theatres as the Globe Theatre in Regina, Persephone Theatre and Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, and Souris Valley Theatre in Estevan, eventually finding employment and a steady working environment as a teacher at Long & McQuade.

After spending the better part of seven years teaching piano and voice for Long & McQuade, Ben has moved into the position of Lesson Coordinator for the Regina Long & McQuade store as of January, 2023. While he misses being as active a part of the musical journey of students, he enjoys being a larger part of the big picture of the lesson centre. He looks forward to finding ways to contribute through his talents, energy, and positivity to help keep the Lesson Centre a positive, nurturing and stimulating place of musical learning.

Our Hand drums Teachers:

Brandon Dickson - Drums, Hand Drums, Percussion music lessons in Regina

Brandon Dickson (Drums, Hand Drums, Percussion) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Brandon Dickson has been playing drums for over a decade and has been teaching since 2013. Brandon also teaches hand percussion for beginner and intermediate levels. He has toured with the Poltava Ukraine Orchestra to Europe and other locations in Canada and he is currently a member of the bands Magnetic and Tribal Vibes. Brandon believes in the equality of all limbs and how to practice proficiently. He is open to all styles of drumming and enjoys implementing world grooves into his teaching and playing. Brandon teaches drum and percussion lessons at the Regina store. His rate is $24 per half-hour.

Our Group Lessons:

Music Adventure Camp None  lessons in Regina

Music Adventure Camp Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-07-17 to 2023-08-11
Cost: $275

Teachers: Kristine Beer, Ellen MacPherson

Music Adventure Camp is a week-long camp that gives children the chance to try out a variety of different instruments and explore music through fun activities including scavenger hunts, games, puzzles and crafts. The program is targeted at ages 6 to 12. Though registration is not limited to these ages, we do request further information about potential registrants who fall outside of this age range, to be admitted at the discretion of the teachers. Music Adventure Camp is to be held at St. James United Church at 4506 Sherwood Drive.

The camps will run on three separate weeks in the summer:
- July 17 – July 21 - $275
- July 31 - August 4 - $275
- August 8 - August 11 - $225 * discounted due to shortened week.

The camps run from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm each day of the week they run.

Musical Theatre Workshop None  lessons in Regina

Musical Theatre Workshop Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-07-04 to 2023-08-22
Cost: $200

Teachers: Hannah Wildman, Ryan Ramsay

The wildly popular Summer Musical Theatre Workshop begun last year will be kicking off once again in 2023!

The workshop will be divided into two age groups. The younger group (4-8) will be working from 5:30-7:00 on Tuesdays, with the older group (8-16) working from 7:00-8:30. Both groups will be exploring a variety of musical theatre songs in different genres. Together, we will learn vocal and acting techniques and study and learn choreography for each of the pieces.

The program will run on Tuesdays in the Long & McQuade Recital Hall, from July 4 to August 22, with the final session being a performance for an audience at the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange.

Summer Group Guitar Burns James Holland lessons in Regina

Summer Group Guitar (Burns James Holland) Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-07-12 to 2023-08-16
Cost: $120

Haven't you always wanted to be the 'So anyway, here's Wonderwall' guy around the campfire? Maybe this can be the summer that you take your first step from dreaming about it to living the dream. This class will enable beginners of most ages (10 & up) to learn the basics of guitar in a small group setting. This fun summer class will have you strumming along to your favourites in no time!

The classes are every Wednesday from 7:15 to 8:00 pm, starting July 12 and running until August 16. Registration for the full course is only $120. There will be plenty of space, so bring a friend!

Summer Group Ukulele Burns James Holland lessons in Regina

Summer Group Ukulele (Burns James Holland) Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-07-12 to 2023-08-16
Cost: $120

Discover why people the world over have fallen in love with that lovable little instrument, the ukulele. Whether you're really wanting to learn guitar but your hands just aren't big enough yet, or if you heard that beautiful version of 'Over the Rainbow' by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and now you want to play it too, this class is the starting point you've been looking for. Burns will empower beginners of almost all ages (8 & up) to learn the basics of the ukulele in a small group setting. Join the fun, and bring the family!

The classes are every Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:15 pm, starting July 12 and running until August 16. Registration for the full course is only $120.

Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar Burns James Holland lessons in Regina

Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar (Burns James Holland) Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-07-12 to 2023-08-16
Cost: $120

Are you already familiar with the guitar? Suppose you've been playing for some time, know the basic chords and can play, but you're ready to take that next step in your playing technique. Burns Holland has a class you should take.

Some of the most iconic guitar music of all time prominently features fingerpicking - whether its the Beatles' 'Blackbird', or Kansas' 'Dust in the Wind', or 'Hey There Delilah', or 'Fast Car', or 'More Than Words', 'Hotel California', or 'Stairway to Heaven' (and the list literally goes on and on and on), unless you know how to fingerpick, you aren't going to play any of it!

Stop missing out - sign up for this 6-week fingerpicking group class and bump your guitar playing up a level. Every Wednesday from July 12 to August 16, from 8:00 to 8:45.

The entire course costs $120. Sign up today!

Parent Child Summer Violin Ellen MacPherson lessons in Regina

Parent Child Summer Violin (Ellen MacPherson) Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-07-12 to 2023-08-16
Cost: $120

'Could my child learn to play the violin?'

Until you try, how can you know? Ellen MacPherson is a teacher with years of experience working with young children and students of all ages, and is pleased to offer this special opportunity for parents and children without previous experience or training to try something new together!

If your child is between the ages of 4 and 7 (or reasonably close to this age range - please inquire if unsure) and if you have an interest in learning the basics of playing the violin, then this is the class for you. You will need to bring violins with you, and if you don't have your own, they are available for rent from Long & McQuade at surprisingly low prices.

The course will last six weeks on Wednesdays from 5:15 to 6:00 pm, from July 12 to August 16.

The total cost is $120 for both parent and child - while you pay for your child's attendance, you learn the violin for free!

Bucket Drumming Hannah Wildman  B.Mus lessons in Regina

Bucket Drumming (Hannah Wildman B.Mus) Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-07-10 to 2023-07-14
Cost: $175

Instruments. Are. Everywhere!

Join us for an introduction to rhythm and percussion in this fun week-long class for all kids between the ages of 6 and 12. Whether they've been playing music since they could crawl or whether they've never played a note and couldn't carry a tune in a bucket (and whether they can or can't, we'll supply the bucket!) this class has something for everyone. There's a lot of exploration of rhythm and percussion using improvised instruments, some crafting, and even a live performance for family and friends to close out the week!

The workshop will run the week of July 10 to 14th, from 9:30 to 12:00 each day.

The cost is $175 for the entire week.

Banjo Workshop Jack Dublanica  B.Mus lessons in Regina

Banjo Workshop (Jack Dublanica B.Mus) Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-07-15 to 2023-07-15
Cost: $30

Earl Scruggs. Abigail Washburn. Bela Fleck. Steve Martin. ...you?

All great banjo players have to start somewhere, and this could be your 'somewhere'. Jack Dublanica, one of Regina's preeminent folk musicians is pleased to be offering this introductory class, teaching a little bit of everything you need to know in order to pick up a banjo and start your journey towards becoming the next Steve Martin!

Learn how to tune your banjo, left and right hand positioning, bluegrass slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs, right hand rolls, chords, and a few beginner banjo tunes!

This class is a one-time offering this summer, and will take place on July 15 from 1:00 to 3:00. The class is open to all beginners ages 12 and up.

This class costs $30 and you must supply your own 5-string banjo!

Music and Movement for Toddlers Mandy Ubell lessons in Regina

Music and Movement for Toddlers (Mandy Ubell) Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-07-07 to 2023-08-26
Cost: $25 per class

Is your toddler between the ages of 1 and 4?

Would you like them to explore listening to different styles of (child-friendly) music? And begin to play a simple instrument and learn about beats, rhythms, notes and pitches?

In these 60-minute classes, we will dive into all of this! And even get creative with dancing, singing, learning with educational music, and even do a craft here or there!

Classes will be available for up to 5 children and are available to be booked singly or a la carte on a fist-come-first-served basis - sign up for as many dates / times as you like.

Children aged 3 or 4 can be dropped off and picked up at the Lesson Centre. Children under age 3 will require a parent or guardian to be present. Parents are welcome to sit in and participate regardless of their child's age.

For more information, or to find available dates and times, email [email protected]

Accelerated RCM Theory Nina Maxwell lessons in Regina

Accelerated RCM Theory (Nina Maxwell) Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-07-17 to 2023-08-10
Cost: $160

Cover a full Royal Conservatory of Music theory grade in just FOUR WEEKS! All grade levels of RCM theory are available. These classes are offered online for those who need it, though attendance in-person is recommended for at least a few of the classes.

Classes will run from July 17th to August 10th on Mondays AND Thursdays (two classes per week). Altogether, the 8 sessions will cost $160 (a steal at $20 per lesson). Fill your mind with musical theory and get yourself a step closer to your RCM certificate!

No More Nerves Nina Maxwell lessons in Regina

No More Nerves (Nina Maxwell) Lesson Registration Brochure

Dates: 2023-08-10 to 2023-08-10
Cost: $25

Performance anxiety: more common than you might think. In a well-known poll, participants were asked what their greatest fear was, and the large majority named public speaking - which ranked higher than even death itself! While being nervous about appearing and performing in public is very common, there are highly effective techniques for relaxation and mental preparation which you can learn in this one-time 90-minute offering. Nina Maxwell is an accredited Brain Gym instructor who can help you find the keys to unlocking the shackles of anxiety and unleashing the artist within to perform to his or her fullest potential.

This class is open to ALL AGES!

August 10, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.