Classical to Country: The Polish Man in Black

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Classical to Country: The Polish Man in Black

Julian Summers is a long-time student of a popular voice teacher in the Halifax Lesson Centre, Dan Grantham. Dan is a classically trained singer, with a degree from Dalhousie, who often wanders the halls singing Beatles songs and has spent his share of time rocking out. Recently we heard that Julian was commuting to Poland to sing in various venues and were curious about the connection. Turns out he's been doing a turn as the Man in Black – Johnny Cash. Here is a short interview with Julian and below that some YouTube links to his performances across the Atlantic:


Why is country so popular in Poland?

Country is not the most popular form of music in Poland, however it does have a very loyal following. There are a few well recognized Country Music Festivals where various well-known country stars have performed. Last summer, at the Mragowo Country Music Festival, I had the pleasure of performing before Rosanne Cash and Aly Cook.


How did you get involved in the Polish scene?

While visiting Poland, a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to do some casual singing. This lead to several invitations to perform on the big stage.


What was the result of the "Polish Idol" show that one of your links takes us to?

Two "Yes", and two "No". Even though this did not qualify me for the next level, it was a great learning experience. I really enjoyed meeting all the other performers that day, as well as working with the organizers and production crew.


How did your career take off there?

We do have a number of contracts signed for this summer, as well as a few in negotiation. I am very happy to be performing at The International Music Festival "Visagino Country" 2016. This is one of the biggest country music festivals in Europe. Many Canadian musicians, such as Brent McAthey, Joanne & Haley Myrol, Laura Vinson and others took part in this festival in the past.


How long have I been working with Dan Grantham in Halifax?

Roughly five years, although it all started from a sudden, unprovoked inspiration to sing. Dan is very in tune with the needs of the voice. With technique and coaching, Dan refines the voice into art.


Through Dan comes a classical background, how has he helped you with singing country?

The classical technique creates ease of singing. This ease can apply to any genre of music. Learning how to sing through the classical perspective demands perfection that inspires the continued learning of classical music.


What's next for you?

Working on repertoire, writing music, and performing as much as possible. Additionally I am networking within musical communities and expanding into operatic solo, spiritual music, jazz, and blues.


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