Musical Gift Giving Made Easy

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Musical Gift Giving Made Easy

For many of us, the start of the holiday shopping season is a bit terrifying.  So much to do, so little time.  And how do you find that perfect gift?  You know, the one that makes their eyes light up when they open it? If you’re shopping for the musician in your life it can be a challenge to find just the right thing.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Your friends at Long & McQuade are happy to help!

If your musician is anything like mine, I’m sure there have been some clues along the way.  When you stop by the store for a visit, what do they check out?  Is there a certain instrument or piece of equipment they try out every time you’re there?  Do they talk about the new (fill in the blank) that their best friend just bought?  When they get together to jam, what are they enthused about?  Don’t miss out on these easy signals – if you’ve heard about it more than once, they probably want one.

Encourage them to visit and use the wish list feature to keep track of the things they’d like to get.  Just click the ‘add to wish list’ option at the top of each item they view.  Once they have a list, or when you decide it’s time to go shopping, they can email the list directly to you.  If you’re buying for your children, you can also use this feature to send a list to friends or relatives.

Still not sure you know what to buy?  Drop into your local Long & McQuade and talk to the experts.  Come prepared with a bit of information about your musician and the equipment they already have at home, and you’re guaranteed to get a suggestion that you can work with. 

Here are a few gift ideas that I know would be well received at my house:

  • An adapter for a microphone or music stand that holds an iPad.  This is a huge help for the musician who loves to sing along, but can’t remember the lyrics.  There are also stands with this adapter built right in, like the Yorkville iPad/Tablet Mic Stand Mount.
  • Something to make performing even better.  Maybe some lights or a speaker stand. Or a case for transporting equipment. 
  • Consider a mini amplifier:  With the technologies today, amps no long have to be large in size for a big sound.  This is a win-win gift for me.  It’s easy to take with you and it still sounds great, plus when it’s at home, it’s taking up way less floor space.
  • You can never have too many music books.  With something for every taste and every instrument, deciding on just one will be your biggest challenge.
  • Fun additions to the collection like shakers, bongos, or tambourines are not only a great gift – you’ll be able to use them when you get together over the holidays.
  • Still not sure?  You can never go wrong with a gift card.  They come in a range of denominations and designs to suit your budget and tastes.

Before you head home, check out the offerings of guitar strings or picks, drumsticks, headphones, reeds, cables and more.  There are lots of options when you’re just looking for a small gift or something to fill that stocking.  So happy holidays and happy shopping.  And if you’re hoping to receive a gift – go through this gift issue and highlight the items you’d like to get before you casually leave it on the coffee table.

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As a seasoned gift buyer and novice musician, Helen Long is always on the look out for the perfect gift for her much more musically talented husband.  She is most proud of the inlaid cajon she gave him, which is a great addition to the living room décor.

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