Gifts for the Saxophonist who has Everything

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Gifts for the Saxophonist who has Everything

To a saxophonist, everything about their horn down to the finest detail, from the look of the lacquer to the engraving on the bell, is sacred.

Needless to say, a player wants only the best for their precious instrument. Here are five great gifts that any saxophonist will go crazy for!


D'Addario Woodwinds Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case

D'Addario Reed Case

Reeds need to be kept at a certain humidity. Fortunately, D'Addario has come to the rescue with a product (formerly produced by Rico) that can keep reeds for any sax at a stable 72% humidity .This means that horn players can keep their reeds at at a level of humidity that requires a minimal amount of wetting before they can be used. They can start jamming right out of the case. Yeah! 


Bam Softpack Saxophone Case

Bam Saxophone Softcase

Bam France makes a solid case. This thing is light, protective, durable – a solid case all the way around. The shoulder strap is one of the most comfortable straps you're likely to fine, and I would trust it with any of my precious horns. The compactness of the case, and the extra protection it offers is the reason I see so many of these cases on public transit.  They're good enough to stand up to the Toronto TTC! Bam! does not currently make a softpack for soprano or baritone sax.


The Real Book

Real Book Edition for any key

I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten my book at a gig. I have lost more books than some people have ever owned. Having a spare book saves the potential tragedy of being caught off guard having left it at a bar somewhere. Just be sure to get the right key!

For Alto and Baritone sax, get the the Real Book Eb edition, for Tenor and Soprano sax, get the Real Book Bb edition.


AS-30 Yorkville Sax Stand

Yorkville AS-30 sax stand

Yorkville's AS-30 sax stand is a great way for your horn player to display their most prized possession. Sturdy, it will hold an alto or tenor and show it off for the world to see. It's collapsible enough to bring to the gig and nice-looking enough that it'll display nicely at home. As a bonus, it comes with a peg to hold either a flute or clarinet - perfect for doublers!


Neotech Neck Strap

Neotech saxophone strap


Even the nicest of saxes gets heavy after a few hours on the stage, but Neotech's cushiony goodness is right there with this strap. Straps are just one more thing that get lost constantly at gigs, so an extra one or two can never hurt.

I think I lost a strap just writing about them...

Hopefully amongst these suggestions there is a gift for the high maintenance horn player in your life!


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