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This is Andre Rivas of Paiste Cymbals. I'm here with the guys at Long and McQuade. We're here to talk about the new things we're releasing for this year. This year we have the Paiste 2002 Black Label Big Beats. They are pretty much the baby of the 2002 and a giant beat hybrid. They feature the hammer of a darker cymbal with a little bit of a semi-matte finish to give you that vintage sound, as well as a nice dark swell. These only come in larger sizes: 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 24. These are for the players who enjoy the darker cymbals but don't enjoy the non-durability of a thinner darker cymbal.

These have the same durability of a thicker 2002, just with a little bit of a thinness to give it that dark vintage sound. This is the 18 inch big beat. 19 inch. The 20 inch. The 21 inch. The 22 inch, and the 24 inch. Now these also come in bigger sized high hat. A 15 inch high hat, and a 16 inch high hat. This is the 16 inch Big Beats. The 15 inch big beats. Very controlled and very responsive for being such big cymbals, just like the Giant Beats are all multi-purpose, all multi-functional. The 22 inch and the 24 inch and the 20 inch all work as a ride as well as a crash, same as the 19 through the 20s. 

Now for the new series that we're releasing for the signature series, we have Danny Carrey's signature dry heavy ride. We have released a signature dry heavy ride before. Only difference is it features Danny Carrey's signature caricatures on it as well as a purple colour sound finish to the top that gives it a little bit more articulation with a sense of dryness. This comes in a 22 inch ride. Very dry, very responsive, very articulated. If you are aware of any of Danny Carrey's work, he plays a lot of very percussive, articulated notes on a ride, and this works for him very perfectly.

We also released in the 2002 line a much larger, much more, a lot of fun, big sounds in the 2002 Sound Edge 17 inch high hat. Now for being so big, it is still very controlled. Do not be intimidated by its size. Still has the same response as a 15 or a 14 inch Sound Edge high hat, just with a little bit more body to it, a little bit more volume. Along with our signature line we've also released the Carl Palmer duo ride, also called the Virtuosity Ride. Comes in a 20 inch series, which features a slightly larger brilliant bell with a drier inner lay, with a brilliant outer lay. That gives it a multi-purpose tone. If you are aware of anything Carl Palmer does, he plays a lot of interesting notes on a ride. This is the 20 inch duo ride. 

Now along with our premise of bigger sizes this year, we're also releasing a 22 inch Formula 602 crash. We also already feature a 16, a 17, a 19, and a 20 inch crash; now we're introducing a 22 inch crash. This is not per se a "multi-purpose" cymbal, but it sounds great as a ride just as well as a crash. Along with a signature line, we've also released the 2002 John Robinson swish ride in 24 inches. Yes, it does sound big, but as you know, John Robinson is a big guy playing big cymbals with very big sounds. This also features his signature groove right here on the label that features the intro to rock with you. This is the 2002 swish ride by John Robinson. Very large cymbal, very large sound. Lots of volume but still a lot of response and a lot of attack …

Now like I mentioned with the Modern Essentials, we are releasing some bigger sizes this year. Along with the rides we released a 20 inch ride and a 22 inch ride. Now we have the 24 inch ride in the Modern Essentials line.

For the last of our Signature Artists line, we featured the Paiste master's Bluebird Ride, also known as the Mellow Ride by Andre Ceccarelli. This is the 20 inch Mellow Ride. If you are familiar with our master's series, they do feature a signature hammering technique, which allows them to get a little bit more of a sizzle than most of our darker cymbals. The Mellow Ride has a little bit of a different hammering technique that allows is to have less sizzle, hence the name Mellow Ride which gives it a little bit more of an articulation sense and less of a smoky sizzle.    In the last of our premise of big cymbals, we feature our biggest cymbal to date, which is the 26 inch Paiste Giant Beats. Very large cymbal, lots of wash, but still much articulation and a great feel right here towards the middle of the bow. This is the 26 inch Paiste Giant Beat. Great cymbal for any giant beat lover, awesome attack, great sound, very full, very full body. Awesome dark tone. Again, this is Andre Rivas with Paiste Cymbals 2016 with Long and McQuade. I'll see you guys next year, enjoy.

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