NAMM 2016: Zildjian S Family and A Avedis Collection

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NAMM 2016: Zildjian S Family and A Avedis Collection Image

Tony Lapansky demos the new Zildjian S Family and Zildjian A Avedis Collection of cymbals. 


Welcome to the Zildjian booth, 2016 NAMM Show. I'm hanging out with the guys from Long and McQuade. I want to show you the new products we have for this year. First in this zone we're going to show you the new S family. This is Zildjian's new B12 alloy cymbal, which is 88% copper, 12% tin. What that gives is a really balanced frequency response, the lows, mids and highs. You hear a little bit of everything. It's a pretty extensive line, crashes, high hats, rides, splashes, that kind of thing. Here I just want to show you a couple of the, different 18 models for the different weights.

Here we have an 18-thin crash, a 18 medium-thin crash, 18 trash coach which just really gives that distortion boost. I'll play these three for you right here, starting with the thin crash. Here's the medium thin crash. It really gives you the best of both world with the medium-thin weight. Here's the trash crash. It really just gives you a nice distortion boost. We know with brilliant-finish cymbals, they help open up the cymbals, make them a little bit more shimmery, pretty. Over here, we could show you some of the high-hats. Right here on display, we have 13 and 14-inch Master Sound high hats.

Over here we have 14-inch regular high hats. Here are the 14's. Here is the 14 regular high hats, which just don't have that crimping that the master sound does. They're a little bit tighter. Over here, we have some larger size crashes, three different weights for 20-inch crashes and a trash crash. We'll have a thin crash, a medium-thin crash, a rock crash. I'll play a couple of those. These are little loud. Here's the medium-thin crash … and then the rock-crash. We know where that applies. Then we have a collection of medium rides and rock rides, as well, ride size as big as 24-inch. Definitely check these out at your Long & McQuade dealer.

On this side, we have the new A Avedis Collection. This is a sonic recreation of the vintage A Zildjian sound. You an see there's a collection of milestones on the back wall here that really show where these cymbals were relevant in the course of popular music. The collection is 18 through 22-inch crash rides, meaning you could crash them. You could ride them. The weight specs are a little bit wider than the traditional Zildjian cymbals say in the A series or A custom. That gives you the chance to pick out at least two or three different rides to find the one that speaks to you. We also have a 14, 15 and 16-inch high-hats. You can see the patina finish. It gives it that aged look.

We have an Avedis logo right here, which is an Avedis Zildjian . the third signature on it is  USA Passport, so a really nice historical touch to it. All these cymbals are hammered completely on the bottom, which is how they were done in the 50's and 60's. The hollow logo is really a throw-back to the '70s and '80s where it wasn't filled in. The gram weights for each individual cymbal will be written on every crash ride, every top and bottom high hat. We'll go through and play some right here. Excuse me, Sir. Here is the 18. There's the 14 high hat. Moving on to some of the bigger cymbals, we have 20, 21 and 22-inch rides. Definitely check these ones out at your Long & McQuade dealer as well. These ones will be available toward the end of April, early May.

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