NAMM 2016: Yamaha Electric Violins, Brass, and Winds

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NAMM 2016: Yamaha Electric Violins, Brass, and Winds Image

Yamaha YEV104 Electric Violin


Hi, I'm Steve with Yamaha Canada and we're here at the Yamaha 2016 NAMM booth, here with Long & McQuade, showing you some of the new products.

We're standing in front of the new Yamaha electric violins. This is a brand new product that we're introducing into our violin lineup. Let me grab one. Here, I've got the YEV-104, and it's a beautiful new design electric violin. We've actually just won the NAMM Best in Show for this year with this new design. As you can see, we're using many different types of wood on this violin. The body is made of a walnut, spruce, mahogany, rosewood, ebony and a maple neck. It'll be available in two versions, one with a lacquered finish so you can see all of the wood, and a black lacquered version, which we can see over on the wall here. Depending on your taste, you'll be able to get both models.

This model is not to replace our Silent Violin but to be added into the lineup and it's a performance designed violin. This has a single quarter-inch patch cord output, volume knob and a volume bypass switch. Very simple, easy controls to be perfect for performance.

Our new product that will be coming to Canada. We'll have stock arriving around August-September of this year, and we will have these available in many Long & McQuade stores. Please come and give them a try. Thanks again for joining us and we'll see you next year at NAMM 2017.


Yamaha Brass and Winds - New for 2016

Hi my name's Steve and we're here with Yamaha Canada at the Yamaha display at NAM 2016 and we're at the winds display. This year we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of Yamaha winds and we're standing in front of the French horns. This year we've got 2 new horns to talk about. The previous model has been replaced with the 671-D, a gaia type horn, a gaia style horn. This is a professional level horn and through our vertical integration we're seeing a lot of the shared technology with the new custom level 871-D so this is going to be an exiting new custom level horn, great sound characteristics, new lead pipe, many new things exciting for the professional player. Available in both unlacquered and lacquered version with detachable or solid bell. Great, so next we're going to move onto the trumpets and take a quick look there.

Okay this year we're completing our artist series trumpet line-up by adding the newly redesigned New York B flat and C model trumpets. The last couple years we've brought in the Chicago models so now with the Chicago and New York models we have a complete new line up. This horn, basically we've got new bell design, new thicker bead, french bead … new valve casings, a lot of change on this horn, a lot of exciting changes. We think a lot of players are really going to enjoy this horn in both the classical and jazz commercial lines. This is a pretty flexible horn, we've got a lot of excitement on this one.

As well we have the 25th anniversary Zeno horn so this is ... This is a horn that's going to be out this year in limited production. It's got some added visual features on it with the gold button, tops and bottom, different bracing and this is all unique to this horn. This is also going to come packaged with a limited edition case which you can see down on the floor here, I'll pick up. We will see a few of these models make it into Canada, they will be in limited production so get your orders in quick. In the case, we pan over quick, you'll see the original Yamaha trumpet. This is the YTR-1 and it's on loan to us from Japan from the Yamaha display so we've had to put it in the case, we're not allowed to try and play it. This shows you the history of the Yamaha trumpets. Okay, great, next we're going to go over to the flute display and check out what we've got happening there.

Okay so we're here at the flute display this year and we've got some exciting changes in flutes. Basically an update to the student and intermediate line up of flutes which we haven't seen a significant change like this since around 1998 so very excited to launch this this year. Basically the YFL-221 model flute has now been replaced with the YFL-222 and some of the features that we've added to this flute we've brought the professional level pointed key arms into our complete line up now as well as an upgrade to the level of the pads that we're using so we'll see a spec that's closer to our professional level pads and key work on all of our flutes now. Made some other changes to make the mechanism easier for the repair shop as well, the GT is now an updated version as well as springs and some mechanical changes. Basically this is going to be a higher spec student level flute. An exciting change to the line up and just raised the bar of Yamaha flutes. Okay so those changes are going to apply to both the 200 series, 300 series and 400 series flutes to complete the line up.

Okay, great, thank you for joining us at the Yamaha display and checking out our new winds. These are going to be available in Canada at your local Long and McQuade stores invite you to come down and try them out and we'll see you next year at NAMM.



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