NAMM 2016: New Sound Processors from ART, DBX, Manley, and Black Lion

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NAMM 2016: New Sound Processors from ART, DBX, Manley, and Black Lion Image

ART Pro Audio


Hello, everyone, and welcome to NAMM 2016. My name is Ray Wilson. I'm Sales Manager for Yorkville Canada. I'm here with the folks with Long & McQuade today to introduce three new products from ART. Let's get started.

First of all, I would like to show you the new USB Tube Mix. This is a product that we brought out as our solution for DAW users, to be able to connect between your computer and all of your instruments. The concept here is we feature two tube channels with analog view metering, and you're able to plug into any type of source, whether that be microphone, guitar, line input. We feature a four channel mixer and playback from the computer, so full monitoring as well.

The second product I'd like to show you is the new Studio Control Center. 

We've got three inputs as well as three outputs so you can run any three sources and any three types of monitors. Very simple big knob control here for mastering output, and your headphone level. 

On the back, you can see, very simple, three input, three output as well as headphone extension and power.

The last product I'd like to show you is our new Power Distribution Center. This is our eight input control center, including two USB inputs, so you can power up any type of USB device and have that run separately, not having to take up any of the AC inputs. Naturally, we have two separate AC inputs here to handle your wall warts.

That's everything. I'd like to thank you so much for joining us here at NAMM 2016. Have a pleasant afternoon.


Manley Labs Nu Mu and ELOP+


Hey, I'm EveAnna Manley from Manley labs. We are coming at you live from the NAMM Show 2016 for Long and McQuade. I want to show you two new products from Manley Labs. 

First off, we've got the Nu Mu. As y'all know, we have been building this awesome limiter compressor for many many years, for over twenty years, called the variable Mu. Variable Mu, that talks about the tube the action that makes the squeeze that makes it limit and compress. We retained the special tube that does that does that, but it's the special special one, it's the T-bar mod that's permanently installed in the Nu Mu. After that, it's all solid state. We've done that, why? Well, we can keep the cost down that way. It's about eighteen hundred cheaper than the variable Mu, and that's a big deal. We have limit and compress functions. You've got your attack and release, input output gains, all that. You can link the two channels. We've got these gorgeous meters here in the center. You can meter the output level and you can meter the amount of gain reduction you're doing. There's this really cool new switch called HIP, which is a kinda funky way to apply the compressor. Well, you just gotta hear it. It makes your life a lot easier. It kinda tickles the low level information and allow some of the snappiness to get through. I want y'all to listen to it and play with it and tell us what you think. We think it's pretty hip.

Next we have another new limiter. It's a total rework for 2016 of our venerable ELOP limiter. It's kinda like an LA2-A. It's' an optical limiter. We've been building that since 1991. The ELOPS were starting to look like 1991 in there so we revised everything. We're using much more efficient manufacturing techniques. Also built in Chino, USA. 

We have added in a new limit in compress ratio switch so it makes the unit way more versatile than the old ELOPS. They also build so much faster so we've been able to bring the price down about a thousand bucks lower than it was just last week. All that with new efficient manufacturing techniques and this really cool chassis. Both these units use that really awesome new power supply that Bruno Putzeys and his team developed for us. It's a universal voltage. Meaning, you can use it anywhere in the world without having to reconfigure your transformers. All the lines are regulated. All the lines are super low impedance. Really quiet. High voltage equals high head room and high fidelity. Don't forget that. That's why we're using that power supply in all our newest products like the Core, and the Force, and these two puppies too. Anyway, that's what's exciting. We've got the coolest tube technology on the planet. Here it is. Welcome to 2016 at Manley Labs.

Black Lion Audio

New products showcased by Black Lion Audio at NAMM 2016, including the Auteur mkII and B173 mic preamps, Micro Clock mkIII, and more.


Hi, I’m John from Black Lion Audio, here to talk about a couple newer products that we have in our product line. Some of you are familiar with the Auteur Mk 1. We have the Auteur Mk 2, obviously an aesthetic redesign. New printing, new knobs, but on the inside, we’ve done a bit of work with the circuitry, really helping to filter through for some really nice mid-frequency response. Great overall preamp just across the board, love it on drums.

The improvement on the Mk 2 makes it really great for any source that you want to use it on. Soon to come to market, 500 series B173. Those who are familiar with it might enjoy the heavy colored saturation that you get from a Neve-esque preamp. Hope to have this launched in the next few months.

Another thing to talk about 500 series wise, we have our soon to be re-launched, or soon to be launched 500 series box. Unlike many 500 series boxes, we’re actually going to offer a patch bay option, giving you the option to create your own personalized channel strips with your 500 series modules. In addition to that, is everything we do in Black Lion, we try to keep things high quality. We’re really going to work hard to make a great power source, and filter in so you don’t affect the sonic quality of your 500 series gear.

Going down, I want to talk about the Micro Clock mk3. It’s been out for several months now, but those who aren’t familiar with the Micro Clock mk2 will see quite a step up in feature set … 6 B and C outs, plus optical S/PDIF, RCA S/PDIF , and  AES. Just a great sounding clock, powerful oscillators and post-transformers, really creating a nice amount of depth and detail for tracking and mixing playback.

So some great new things coming to the market, and some great things out there right now, and hopefully we can interest some people out there to pick it up.

dbx Go Rack


Hi, there. My name is Nathan Baglyos. I'm here at the Harman booth for NAMM 2016 with the guys from Long & McQuade. I'm here to talk about some new products from DBX.

The first thing I want to talk about is the Go Rack. This is a two input, two output mobile processor and it's got all the processing you need for most of your day to day applications. It's an excellent tool to have in your kit. Kind of a Swiss Army Knife of processors for a lot of things that are going to come out on most of your gigs.

The first thing we've got is the feedback suppressor. What that does is it looks for squeals and squeaks that come from mic feedback, and before you even hear them, it eliminates them so that you can fire and forget your sound system and not have to worry about it. This is especially great if people who don't know what they're doing on a mic are going to be talking, and you don't have to worry about them causing that problem.

There's compression, which helps out with your speaker management. Gets the speakers sounding good. Makes sure you're never overloaded. There's a sub-synthesizer. What that does is it adds a note an octave below the bass in your mix to give you extra low frequency punch. This is especially great if you're doing dance settings, or if you have a lot of subwoofers deployed and you want that extra low frequency.

Finally, we have 31 band EQ and 16 genre-based presets. What you can do with that is dial in really the exact EQ you need for the venue that you're in, for the loudspeaker systems you're using, and with the type of material you're playing through the loudspeakers.

The entire unit is controlled from the five buttons in the front, as well as the three click wheels. If that wasn't easy enough, the users guide is actually printed on the back of the unit, so you never have to memorize any of the details of how to use it.

dbx 500 Series

A look at the new dbx 500 Series modules at NAMM 2016, including the 540 Tube Mic Preamp, the 555 5-channel Parametric EQ, the 565 Dual-Channel Optical Compressor, the 570 Variable Z Mic Preamp and the 590 Phase Manipulator. 


Hi there, my name's Nathan Baglyos. I'm here at the Harmon booth for NAMM 2016 with the guys from Long and McQuade. Going to go over some new 500 series modules from DBX.

We got back into the 500 Series about a year ago after there was a lot of demand for mobile analogue processors from DBX. A lot of people were still using our legacy products and wanted something new so what we did, is we took the best of our legacy products, we looked at the original schematics, we made upgrades where appropriate and now we've got a new line of 500 Series modules. 

Five of these have been out for about a year now and we're adding five new models to the line. The 540 tube mic preamp, the 555 five-channel parametric EQ, the 565 dual-channel optical compressor, the 570 variable Z mic preamp and the 590 phase manipulator. 

500 series modules are great for affordable, mobile, customizable recording and live sound situations. It gives you exactly the tools you need in your toolbox. They're extremely easy to buy, they're extremely easy to use, and you can mix and match 500 Series modules and units from different manufacturers to make for that you've got exactly what you want.


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