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From The Drums with Mike Mangini

Sponsored by Pearl Drums

  • See & hear Mike from his amazing broadcasting studio
  • Get sounds and views that are not possible at clinics or shows
  • Q&A and demonstrations on techniques with practice advice
  • Rhythmic pattern recognition for ALL musicians
  • Ability to relate to beginners and advanced players

Mike Mangini - Dream Theater drummer and online educator! Mike earned the Top 1% U.S.-based O.C.E. rating as a Berklee College of Music professor & student counsellor. See Mike Mangini's massive career, world speed records and history at www.mikemangini.com.


Welcome to your very first drum lesson with Chris Lesso!

• Play your favourite songs right away
• Learn how to play without being stiff
• Say what YOU want to say on the drums, loud and proud!

Playing MUSIC right away, and knowing how to MOVE around the kit, is the key when learning drums. Celebrate who YOU are on the drums, and start off being able to play your favourite music TODAY! Even seasoned players will get something out of this interactive event with Chris, because we always need to strengthen the foundations of MUSIC and MOVEMENT on the drums!


Playing with Feeling! Drum Clinic with Rashid Williams

Sponsored by Mapex

Rashid Williams will discuss the importance of feel in your playing and address the responsibility of the kick drum, hi-hat and snare drum in order to accomplish smooth, groove-based musicality in your playing. He will display transitional drum fills, well-suited for all genres of playing - and these will open up new horizons in the drummer's approach to playing with "feeling" and further expand on their repertoire when musical diversity is required.

Rashid's style and precision in drumming is recognized throughout the music industry. He has worked with N.E.R.D., Alicia Keys and Cirque du Soleil, among others. He is currently touring with multi-platinum artist John Legend.


Practice and Professionalism in Percussion! with Alex Acuna

Sponsored by GonBops and DW

Join Alex Acuna as he presents, "Practice and Professionalism in Percussion!" Stay current and enjoy the profession of drums and percussion with conscious practicing, while still paying homage and respect to the masters of the past. Alex will help you hone your hands and feet coordination, cover the art of tuning your instruments properly, expand your knowledge of various genres, and will teach you how to reach and stay at the top of your musical game.

Having played drums and percussion professionally for over four decades, Alex Acuna is a true legend. Inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame as part of Weather Report, Alex currently plays and records all kinds of music, most recently recording on movie soundtracks including West Side Story, Mulan, Soul, Ford Vs Ferrari, Minions 2, Sing 2 and Encanto.


Concert Snare Drums with Brennan Connolly

Sponsored by Pearl Drums and Adams Musical Instruments

Not sure how to take your drum roll to the next level? Join Brennan for this concert percussion workshop that will cover general approaches to playing the concert snare drum with a focus on demystifying the roll. Brennan will share his simple approach to developing a great roll and will discuss various snare drum sound concepts as they pertain to drum and stick selection. He will explore different ways to help you improve your snare drum technique and performance and you will leave with a few practical exercises to get you started right away.

Brennan Connolly is an instructor in percussion and community music at Wilfrid Laurier University as well as a professional percussionist. Holding a Masters degree in performance percussion from Oklahoma City University, he performs regularly as a freelance musician and with his own chamber ensemble, Duo Percussion. As an orchestral musician, Brennan performs regularly with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra and Jeans ’n’ Classics Rock Symphony. He is an active theatre musician having appeared both onstage and as a pit musician at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and with Drayton Entertainment. Brennan is proud to be on faculty at the Interprovincial Music Camp and is currently endorsed by Pearl/Adams Drums and Concert Percussion, Dream Cymbals and Gongs and BlackSwamp Percussion.


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