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Jojo Mayer: Secert Weapons for the Modern Drummer - DVD

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Jojo Mayer: Secert Weapons for the Modern Drummer - DVD

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Artist: Jojo Mayer
Publisher: Hudson Music
Format: DVD
Instrumentation: Drum Set

One of the most comprehensive and detailed volumes on hand technique ever produced, Jojo Mayer's Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer is recommended for drummers of every age, style and skill level. The double-DVD, 3-hour set is available from the Limited division of Hudson Music and covers a wide range of information on drumming technique, from the most fundamental to the most advanced. Yet, Secret Weapons is more than just the ultimate instructional method and reference guide, it also showcases the inspiring artistry, musical philosophy and groundbreaking technical abilities of one of today's most progressive performers and educators.

Filmed in crystal clear digital video and audio and shot at a variety of locations in and around Manhattan, Secret Weapons explains closely guarded and never before published secrets of the great masters as well as Jojo's own approaches with special features like animated graphics, practice exercises and troubleshooting tips that will allow drummers to unlock the inner workings and mysteries of even the most challenging hand movements and guide them through easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to understand and master them.

Among Jojo's flawless demonstrations and in-depth explanations, Secret Weapons' various chapters feature topics such as:

  • A basic approach to technique and the physics of drumming
  • Analysis of hand positions, matched and traditional grips, rebound and the fulcrum and the Gladstone, Moeller and finger techniques
  • Highly-evolved, hybrid techniques such as the push-pull, drop-bounce, reverse stroke and one-handed roll
  • Exercises to build Speed, Accuracy, Endurance, Power and Dexterity Concepts to troubleshoot and overcome technical barriers
  • Warm-Up and Practice tips

Jojo Mayer is an internationally-renowned drum artist whose reputation as a master-drummer continues to grow.

He has toured and performed at the world's biggest drum festivals and events on numerous occasions, including the Modern Drummer Festival and PASIC (US), the Montreal Drum Fest (Canada), the International Drummer Meeting Koblenz (Germany), Drummer: Live (UK), the Singapore Drumfest and the Ultimate Drum Weekend (Australia).

Most recently, Jojo has been at the epicenter of New York's club/electronic scene with his solo project, NERVE, as well as his significant contributions to the development of "Drum & Bass" and "Break Beat" drumming styles based on the city's fast-paced, energetic DJ culture.


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