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Yorkville Sound - LP-C4
Model: LP-C4
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The LP-C4 is the ideal live performance pedal controller for Yorkville Lighting systems. Capable of controlling four channels of any system including the highly popular Yorkville LP-LED4, the LP-C4 delivers a full feature set including effective audio chase functions and effects.

Simple rotary controls for colour and intensity for each channel, as well as integrated footswitches for scene changes, effects control and blackout make the LP-C4 incredibly easy to set up and operate.

Two XLR Connectors are provided for effective direct connection to any Yorkville Lighting system. An additional standard -inch input jack allows the LP-C4 to generate audio effects onboard. Power for the LP-C4 is provided by the attached Yorkville Sound Lighting system, so no additional cabling is required.

Rugged all-metal chassis and heavy duty footswitches design ensures maximum long-term reliability even in the most demanding live performance applications.


Each pod on the LP-LED2 and LP-LED4 emit a complete mixed colour, not an array of individual coloured LEDs that can be distracting to the audience or diminish a finished professional stage view. This also ensures the only light visible to the audience is the light chosen for the scene and not the LED elements.

The artist setting up scenes or the light designer building a set can see the colour being displayed in the pod, making lighting design as simple and straightforward as possible.

Light pods on LP-LED systems display a beam angle of +/- 13 degrees which projects approximately a four and a half foot diameter circle on a stage at 10 feet from the source.

LP-LED2 and LP-LED4 can be controlled by proprietary desktop (LP-C12) or floor (LP-C4) controllers direct connected to the light bars using standard XLR microphone cables. In simple effect and ambient lighting applications, LP-LED light bars can operate as standalone units with, colour chase and fades set directly on the bars themselves. For more complex applications, LP-LED lights can be incorporated into larger systems with optional user installed DMX3 and DMX5 cards.

* Controls 4 channels of lights
* Parallel XLR outputs for easy quick-connect to two Yorkville Lighting Systems
* Stores up to Six Custom Scenes
* Blackout, All On and All flash buttons
* Fade rate, effects speed and auto scene advance control
* Audio chase input accepts line level or speaker level input (20mV to 100v)
* No AC power cable required on controller
* Made in Canada