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Carlton - CVC100 4/4 OF
Model: CVC100 4/4 OF
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Serial: 218505
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Complete 4/4 Student Cello Outfit. Comes with protective padded 4/4 cello bag, Young Heung brazilwood bow, and Hidersine deluxe cello rosin. Cello is outfitted with D'Addario Prelude strings (J1010), Aubert Etude French cello bridge and Wittner Ultra tailpiece with integral tuners. Perfect for experienced and student-level musicians.

Size: 4/4
Top: Select solid spruce
Back/Sides: Laminate maple
Fittings: Ebony
Bridge: Aubert Etude French-Style
Tailpiece: Wittner Ultra
Strings: D'Addario Prelude 4/4 (J1010)
Finish: Semi-Matte
Included Accessories: Padded Cello Bag, Brasilwood Bow, Rosin