Long & McQuade Learning Series - Surrey, BC
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Surrey, BC

Long & McQuade Learning Series - Surrey, BC


Wednesday, March 4 | 7:00pm
Inspire Your Inspiration in Ableton with Tomas Valenzuela​
Anyone that’s interested in the creation of music can agree that inspiration doesn’t always come when it is supposed to. This clinic will explore ways in which you can overcome this issue using Ableton Live to stretch, warp, squash, and otherwise manipulate your sounds, and encourage your creativity when you’re feeling uninspired. Tomas Valenzuela is a professional musician with 7 years of experience using Ableton Live both in the studio and on stage. He will help walk you through Ableton Live’s interface and show some of the ways to deal with a lack of ideas when producing music.

Wednesday, March 18 | 7:00pm
Synthesize your Guitar Pedals with Nigel Tung
In this clinic, Long & McQuade pedal and keyboard wiz Nigel will help expand the possibilities of modifying just what your synths can sound like. He will go over adding in some of the more typical effects like distortion, reverb, delay, and chorus, and touch upon some less obvious combinations such as pitch shifting or guitar synth pedals. He will also dive into how different frequency shapes like sine and square waves interact with pedals, and where to best apply them.

Wednesday, March 25 | 7:00pm
Pedal Effects for Everything Else with Mike WT Allen
Pedals have been used for decades by guitarists to shape their sound, but the possibilities only begin there. Welcome to the world of using "guitar effects" on instruments other than the guitar. What happens if you use a pitch shifter on a saxophone? Phaser on a violin? Flanger on an accordion? There's been some exploration into the world of effects on other instruments, but so far there hasn't been much in terms of telling people how to create those sounds for themselves. What sort of microphone do you need? What does a preamp do? How do you get around the constant feedback? If you've ever had any questions like these, this is the clinic for you! Mike WT Allen has been performing in and around Vancouver, on festival stages, and on international tours for over ten years. Through much experimentation he has figured out how to create sounds from subtle to insane, and has used those effects to play anything from David Bowie tributes to noise-jazz and everything in between.


Registration & inquiries may be sent to cfriesen@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Surrey 13785 104 Avenue    Phone: (604) 588-9421
Fee: FREE!