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Microh Monsoon FX LED/Strobe/Laser Light

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Departments > Pro Audio & Recording > Lighting > Lighting - Lasers > Microh > Monsoon FX LED/Strobe/Laser Light
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- 6 show of laser and LED
- 100 scales of effect speed control setting
- 5 colour rotating derby with 1xRed, 1xGreen, 1xBlue, 1xAmber, 1xWhite LEDs: 3W(300mA)
- 8 grating laser effects with 100mW/650nm Red diode and 50mW/532nm Green DPSS laser
- Strobe effect of 8 LEDs: White, 1W(300mA)

- Complies with FDA/CDRH Standards for Class 3R
- Classified per EN/IEC 60825-1:2007
- DMX: 9 Channels 3-PIN XLR
- Power: 100-240V 50/60Hz 66W
- Size: 225X298X310mm
- Weight: 4.5kg
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Product ExperienceI own it
Closest StoreAbbotsford British Columbia
Love this light. Covers a big room with lots of color, multiple laser dots. If you can get a small dmx controller, this light will do a lot more. You will have more control over the speed, turn the strobe on when you want, etc. Fantastic for the money.
Posted by Bob on Jan 21, 2016
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Fairly Expensive laser, but worth it overall.0 of 0 customers found this review helpful
Product ExperienceI own it
Closest StoreGuelph Ontario
This laser is awesome. As soon as it is turned on, people are amazed. Starting with the features and modes; I normally just use the auto mode or sound active, so this is what I will base this on. The laser also has DMX and Sl ave modes. Each (auto and sound modes) have seven different settings, which will change which parts of the laser/light show are on. For example, mode 0 is strobe, laser and LEDs on, and each mode just uses certain parts in different order. Each mode also has a speed, between 0-100, which can be chose, and will, obviously, change the speed on the light show while the monsoon is functioning. The sound mode also has an adjustable mic built in on the back, than can be changed so if the music is quieter, it will still react, and if the sound is very loud, it wonít damage anything. The two settings and modes that Iíve used work exactly how they should, and I can assume that the other two modes work the way they should, however I havenít used them so Iím not certain. Next up is the Lights themselves. I will start with the lasers, they have a very wide range, and in a dark environment can be seen easily, however when there is still a decent amount of light, they are not as bright as I would personally like them, but you are probably going to use this in a dark environment anyways, so they are plenty bright. With the introduction of fog, these things stand out and are awesome. There is a few patterns the lasers cycle through which keeps the lasers from doing the same boring old thing over and over. Next up is the LED lights, which is probably my favorite component of the monsoon. They are bright in most light environments, but will shine through the whole room if itís dark. They do the job they are supposed to do and do it well. Last but not least is the 8 Strobe lights. Having just the strobes on makes this a fun light, and they sure are bright. They are strobe lights, they flash, and do a good job of it. Each separate light function rotates both clockwise and counter, they change speed as you go, automatically. The combination of the Led, lasers and strobes is awesome, and if you want to spend this much on a laser, in my personal opinion it is worth it, especially if you have a fog machine at your disposal. If I could change or add anything to this machine, I would add an on/off switch, oddly enough it doesnít have that. Once you plug it in, itís on, and to shut it down, just unplug it. Not a huge deal, but I would prefer the switch.
Posted by anonymous on Jun 5, 2015
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